Success Stories...

Please know, I am over the moon happy with our collaboration and ultimately, your work. Every step was lovely. You challenged me. Guided me. Supported me. I will absolutely be reaching out to you for my next project.



I have been Maggie's student for more than 5 years and have enjoyed every moment and continue to practice as an important and essential part of my life and appreciate her knowledge, patience, scheduling flexibility, and most of all the kind and honest person she is.


Having a longer view now of my yoga studies, I can see and feel the impact it has had on my physical health as well as the mental and stress relief benefits it provides for someone with a busy life and career.


I highly recommend Maggie for anyone at any level.



We cannot speak highly enough of Maggie's personal chef services. Her expertise and knowledge were paramount in our being able to plan a menu that would be not only wholesome and nourishing, but most importantly, delicious! We loved everything she prepared for us and we truly could taste the love she puts into her work. Beyond the food she prepared, we found Maggie to be incredibly helpful, supportive and flexible to our ever changing needs.  If you are looking for someone to help with your dietary needs, look no further. Maggie is the person you have been looking for. 

In endless gratitude,

A & L


I had the pleasure of being Maggie's student for several years while she taught at our office. She is a wonderful instructor whom I could not recommend more. I am a practicing martial artist and found her yoga to be an excellent complement, specifically with helping my flexibility, posture, and balance. Her passion for yoga and consideration for her students truly reveal themselves in her classes. She is able to expertly tailor her class to the abilities and whims of her students. I always leave her classes both more relaxed and more energized.



Several years ago when thinking about trying to live a more healthy lifestyle and doing a better job providing healthy meals for my family, it occurred to me that having someone provide personal nutritional information, encouragement and accountability would help integrate the changes that I needed to make. In addition, my husband had been diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease and I had 2 teenagers at home—each of us had different needs and requirements. I had some basic information about healthy living concepts but trying to incorporate new habits into my life required a “coach." So after searching for “health coach” in the Columbus, Ohio area, I found Maggie. Her nutrition credentials were my first priority, however, after meeting with her I appreciated so many more qualities: thoroughness and organization in gathering health metrics, a gentle and calm demeanor that guided me through easy and challenging recommendations, true listening and understanding of the more difficult changes we needed to make—these were only a few of the admiral qualities that made my experience more than I expected. Her cooking instruction and meal suggestions are a regular part of our kitchen and the supplements she has suggested have help each one of us. And finally, her yoga instruction added a dimension to my life that helped with my low energy and increased my mindfulness, flexibility, strength, and many other benefits. I am lucky to have found Maggie and am grateful for all the wise guidance, solid information, and clear instruction she provides to help our family live happier and healthier. 



I met Maggie through a private chair yoga class. I learned how important the act of stretching is to the body. I have chronic leg pain, as the result of an injury. The chair yoga class helped me learn a proactive way to manage my leg pain. At the same time, I was being treated for high blood pressure. I did not want to take medicine, so I altered my diet. When I went to the Dr. for a checkup there was no change in my numbers. I was devastated. By that time, I understood Maggie not only taught yoga, but she was a nutritional consultant. I scheduled a nutrition consultation. Maggie designed a food program for me that addressed weight loss and nutrition to reduce my high blood pressure. She also talked with me about foods to reduce inflammation in the body --- support for my leg pain. Our last meeting I scheduled a grocery store consultation. The discussion of different products was a learning experience for me. I feel I now have the tools to move forward and be successful.


I have been taking a private yoga class with Maggie since January 2016 and I look forward to it every week. Maggie is very accommodating with favorite poses and intensity levels, depending upon what you need at that moment. She is professional and encouraging, helping me to find my center and my capabilities in every class. I would highly recommend Maggie’s classes to anyone in search of flexibility and serenity while performing yoga.
-Laura F.


My wife signed us up for couples yoga. I have been stiff all my life and my wife thought yoga might help me, especially since I am getting older and all the more stiffer. I had no previous experience with Maggie but she has been outstanding. She is always positive and extremely encouraging. She is prompt and well prepared. She encourages input on what we feel we need additional help on and tailors the session accordingly. Sometimes our conversations wander into nutrition where she has a wealth of knowledge. Although my wife and I have only been doing the yoga twice a week for a little over a month now, we are already seeing good improvements. We are extremely pleased with Maggie and would highly recommend her services to anyone.


I can’t recommend Maggie enough. She is always in high spirits and as a result lifts my mood after a hard day at the office. She is always accommodating and asks before each session what I want to concentrate on during our yoga sessions, whether it be relaxation or exercise. She also always asks if I have any favorite poses and will incorporate them in the session. She is very knowledgeable and can instruct on how to do any pose requested. I can’t imagine a better instructor for private yoga lessons.




I was in Columbus, Ohio on a business trip and needed to relieve my stress. Lucky me, I found out about Maggie's Yoga and Nutrition classes. It was an amazing experience, I was able to get through the moves and   I felt like I was walking on clouds. I lost my dog before I left and the grief I felt consumed me, Maggie even helped me to deal with my loss. She gave me herbal tea to help me sleep, which I needed badly. It was the best yoga and nutrition class I have ever experienced. She made a food plan for me and showed me how to cook all the right foods for my health. In two years, I will be moving back to Columbus and in the meantime I will be counseling with her over the internet using video chat services. Thank you Maggie for caring so much and helping me get through such a difficult time.                                                          




As I had never tried yoga before, I was nervous to attend my first class, especially because I had just had a baby and wasn't sure what to expect or how capable I was. However, Maggie was so incredibly calming and reassuring. Eight months later, each week I look forward to yoga our group yoga session with Maggie. I can't believe how far I've come since I've started. Maggie caters to our needs each week, focusing on specific areas of the body and level of difficulty. As we have a diverse group, we don't always want the same things yet Maggie is able to accommodate everyone. She lets us choose how far we want to push ourselves and makes us feel comfortable with our limitations. I truly use the stretches she's taught me outside of class when I have sore muscles or aching bones. She ends class each week with a classic relaxation pose and this has taught me how to calm and relax my " type A," mile-a-minute brain. This too, I use often outside of class. I was honestly a skeptic of the practice as a whole in the beginning however, thanks to Maggie, I now love yoga. She is a wonderful instructor for any level and I could not recommend her more.




I really enjoyed the workshop. I think that it was a great overview of basic nutritional ideas. I liked that she highlighted different and less common foods. I also appreciated that she discussed the specific benefits of each group/food as well as the negative effects of other choices. She was also very happy to answer any questions. I love her energy!




Maggie is making a difference in the quality of my life. Attending her yoga classes has noticeably improved my balance, range of motion and strength...big yipee! In addition to the yoga benefits, I asked Maggie to evaluate and fine tune my food choices, vitamins and supplements, too...bigger yipee! Through conversation, tips and customized handouts she is giving me a higher knowledge of how to be at the top of my nutrition game. Maggie is a soft-spoken personable powerhouse of positive energy...eager and exceptionally well equipped to provide you with everything you need to reach your physical and mental best. Very happy our paths crossed...biggest yipee!!




Practicing yoga with Maggie helped me tremendously during my surgery and recovery. The yoga breathing helped calm me prior to surgery, and also when transitioning from standing to sitting (breathing out during the process). Also the strength I gained in my legs during yoga helped me to use them rather than my abs (where my incisions are) for sitting down / standing up. Thanks!




Maggie is focused on her clients; was attentive and sensitive to my specific needs and provided me a wealth of knowledge to help me accomplish my goals and health objectives.




I always wanted to try and learn yoga but found many instructors and classes to be intimidating and even a little snobby for someone that had no experience. I decided I should take private lessons first before jumping into group classes.

With this in the back of my head, I gingerly reached out to Maggie hoping she might be able to help me.

I am so grateful and glad I did.


From the first conversation, Maggie was professional and understanding, and encouraging to my goals/needs. She was very flexible in scheduling and was willing to work with me on what I wanted to learn.


Maggie is a FANTASTIC teacher who helped me understand the basics of yoga as well as the different types/styles. Her teaching style, patience (with all my questions!), and cheerful/calm nature was a perfect fit for me and it helped me really enjoy and grow into yoga.

I told her that I looked forward to our lessons together and I think that is the highest compliment I can give -- I wanted to be there and found it worthwhile.


Now I am confident in my basics and have started to take general classes and feel at home and ready to take it to the next level.

I strongly and enthusiastically recommend Maggie for private and group classes.




For years I’d been interested in taking yoga classes – but with no experience I was uncomfortable just walking into a class. One day I noticed a flyer that mentioned Maggie’s private yoga classes and decided this was the perfect way for me to get into yoga. My one on one classes with Maggie helped me gain the basic understanding and confidence that I needed to attend a group class. I recently started attending one of Maggie’s weekly classes and I love it! Practicing yoga with Maggie helped me find new ways to relax, manage stress, and to finally feel comfortable doing an activity that I’ve wanted to do for years. 




I have been practicing yoga with Maggie Fekete for about a year now, both in group settings and in private one and two person sessions, and they are wonderful. By the end of each class, every muscle has been gently stretched and I leave feeling loose, relaxed and refreshed. Beginning a new exercise regime can be intimidating, but Maggie has such a nice gentle approach, that it was easy to transition in and make the 2-3 sessions of yoga per week something I truly look forward to and absolutely plan my schedule around. I credit the yoga practices with keeping me virtually injury free over the past year.   




Maggie has been our Yoga Instructor at our office for the past 8 months. The convenience factor is wonderful and it allows most the ability to fit Yoga into their lives. Once a week Maggie comes in and we all look forward to that day. Personally, I’ve had back issues and had to have surgery 2 years ago. My back and body continued to ache until I started Yoga. I was scared to do any type of stretching. Maggie is very in tune to my issues and provided gradual introduction of new positions throughout her time here. She is extremely professional, nurturing and looks out for everyone’s well-being. The best part is that I don’t have back pain anymore. What can be better than that. We all appreciate Maggie’s efforts and will continue Yoga long term. Thanks Maggie!

-Bev (4/2014) 



Maggie has been leading our Corporate Yoga Class for about 8 months now. I have always wanted to start yoga classes but could never seem to fit offered classes into my schedule. Her ability to come to our office has been a blessing. There are between 5 and 10 attendees on our Yoga afternoons, and it is great way to relax and return to normal after a busy day. Maggie always takes stock of the needs and requests of the group for each session, and this level of personalization would be hard to get somewhere at a standard class. Through Maggie’s yoga classes I have learned to listen to my body, and I have also become more balanced and focused. I am very grateful that she has been able to offer these classes to us. Thanks! 

-Kari (4/2014)



I have been participating in a corporate yoga offering at my company for 8 months now. Once a week, Maggie comes to our office and anyone interested meets up to do a yoga class after work. This has been such a great way to join a class, and so easy that I have no excuse! Maggie is patient and offers options to accommodate all fitness levels. On my most stressful days, it is such a comfort to know I have this class to look forward to. She has also been great about offering advice on various health and fitness questions. I would highly recommend Maggie.

-Jennifer (4/2014)


Working with Maggie as my personal Nutritionist and Life Coach has been a positive life changer. She has brought a new appreciation to my sense of self; new knowledge and awareness to my daily eating and sleeping habits, an introduction to (much needed) relaxation exercises and has helped me realize how much I can accomplish with a positive attitude! Maggie brought so much positive energy and a sense of calm to our meetings. Her down-to-Earth guidance was and still is extremely easy for me to follow and enjoy. I feel a better “wholeness” with myself ever since working with her and we continue to “check-in” even after our sessions. She makes herself totally accessible to her clients and I’m greatly appreciative of her willingness to work around my own work/personal schedule. The positive shift of my well-being and every day outlook on life has been rejuvenated thanks to her amazing ability to connect with me and my personal health/wellness needs and goals. Thank you Maggie!




Maggie is a wealth of health knowledge! Her workshops are a great way to gain insightful information about health and wellness that anyone can use. She presents the information in a way that makes it relevant, fun and easy to understand. I always feel more encouraged and enthusiastic about improving my health after attending one of the workshops! And her teas.....WOW! Look out Teavana, you've got some serious competition!   :)




Maggie Fekete has been such a blessing in my life as I have begun walking the path of healthy life choices. When I first started the program, I was really struggling with sleep issues. These sleep issues have been a burden in my life for over 10 years. After just a few sessions with Maggie I was able to utilize all-natural methods to get to sleep and stay asleep and feel so much better because of it! Maggie has also helped me with making healthy food choices and learning new ways to have more energy throughout the day. Maggie was such a wonderful health coach and was very flexible and patient with me when I had to make changes to the program due to a hectic schedule. I highly recommend the services of Maggie Fekete if you want to make long-term positive changes to your health! 

Warmest Regards,




I was a yoga skeptic. I was concerned it was at odds with my faith. Besides I was already doing cardio and strength training. Lots of encouragement and several classes later I am Maggie’s number one fan. She listened to me and she really got me. She directed me through classes that were sensitive to my faith and geared towards flexibility, breathing, and stress reduction. I feel calm and grounded at the end of each class. It carries over into my next day. It is a compliment to the exercise I was already doing, for me it accomplishes the things cardio and strength training could not. Maggie is a gifted instructor that listens to her students and creates experiences that match their needs.





Thank you for a delightful and delicious family meal, as well as all the lunch and snack foods. It was so enjoyable! And it was great that you were able to prepare such healthy and nutritious dishes with organic foods that all members of the family could feel good about.

Your food contributed greatly to the success of a rare opportunity for all our family to be together, and I do thank you very, very much.



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