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Updated: Apr 23

[*SPOKEN WORD* added 4.22.20]

As I sit here typing, 34 years young and counting, it is truly amazing to reflect on the number of life altering moments I’ve experienced thus far.

Attending the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) in 2012 and 2013 surely falls into the category of life altering but not just in the years noted. My experience at IIN has had a resonating affect on my being, where I can feel the vibrations of their education, almost always.

My most favorite tool, that IIN so neatly placed in my toolbox, was the notion that to experience personal balance in this lifetime, defined each by our own sets of standards, we should continuously be aware of different and specific areas of our lives.

Deeply and profoundly inspired by IIN the following areas of focus will serve as my foundation in blogging with the goal of Unearthing Grace and infusing this grace into the flow of our lives:

· Creativity

· Spirituality

· Joy

· Cooking

· Activity

· Health

· Relationships

· Finance

· Social

· Education

· Career

· Environment

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