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Beauty Secret #1

Updated: Jan 28

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I have spent an unfathomable amount of money on eye creams over the years in hopes of making my eyes appear more vibrant and awake with the promise of eliminating dark circles and wrinkles. No product regardless of price has ever been able to touch the powers of the organic cucumber!

I enjoy sleeping with cucumber on my eyelids and under my eyes. It feels so very refreshing and relaxing. The results of treatment are quick, profound, and beautiful!

Cucumbers are extremely hydrating/moisturizing and contain anti-inflammatory properties that help the skin around the eyes look and feel healthier by reducing swelling and restoring damage.

The juices of a cucumber, rich in vitamin C, assist the skin in looking revitalized. These juices are also abundant in folic acid, which protects the eyes from environmental toxins that lead to a swollen and exhausted appearance. Ultimately, wrinkles are reversed and prevented by the fruit juices ability to re-establish the skin's normal elasticity.

Organic cucumbers should always be used to prevent synthetic chemical exposure to the eye area. Peeling away the skin of the cucumber is an extra recommended step, even when choosing organic. The longer the treatment application the better, which is why I enjoy sleeping with slices on my eyes! Though, minimum treatment time should be no less than fifteen minutes. Sleep, rest, and relaxation are so imperative and this beauty secret gives you an excuse to lie flat on your back, undisturbed, for a period of time, preferably daily!

Refrigerated, chilled cucumbers are recommended for this beauty application. Keep in mind, the thinner your slice the easier the cucumber will become one with your face. On the flip side, a thinner slice naturally has less nutritional juices to supply the skin. The thickness of your cucumber slices will be a delicate balance to experiment with!

Cucumbers...the most affordable eye care secret I've stumbled upon and I simply had to share!


*Could your eyes use some love and attention?

*Should you stop waisting your money on fancy eye creams that produce little to no results?

*Should you simply add organic cucumbers to your grocery shopping list and to your eyes?!

*Maybe you're already in on this secret? But have you truly tested the powers of the cucumber on your eyes...regularly? I'm hoping this Profound Wellness Insight at The Guest Bungalow inspires you to give cucumber a real chance at becoming your new favorite fruit!

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