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ChickeA Salad

Updated: Jan 28

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Personal Chef turned Blogger! One of my favorite recipes is now yours!

This is a wonderful alternative to chicken salad for those desiring to decrease their animal intake! This recipe is technically vegetarian, as I prefer mayo made with egg, but can easily be vegan by substituting your favorite vegan mayo offering!

(Step 1) Gather Essentials!

*Organic Chickpeas aka Garbanzo Beans!

*Chopped Pecans...organic if available...I purchased my stock in the baking section of the grocery as the bulk food section is currently shutdown

*Organic Mini Sweet Peppers

*Fuji Apple...I only like this variety...you're welcome to substitute your favorite apple if you're not into Fuji as I am!

*Black Seedless Grapes...organic if available...I only like this variety...you're welcome to substitute your favorite grape if you're not into Black as I am!

*Traditional Mayo by Chosen Foods...it appears they've changed their label online and are now calling it Classic Mayo! Be on the lookout for both names when shopping!

*Organic Raw Unfiltered Honey

*Organic Black Pepper

*Avocado...organic if available

(Step 2) Recommendations...take them or leave them...

*My Hot Hispanic always removes the apple skin when including apples in a salad. As a Nutritionist I like to keep the added nutrients but was feeling inclined to try his way when creating this work of art in the kitchen!

*I really only like my black grapes cut in half longways! ;)

*I add the avocado after the mixing process to avoid smashing! Lightly mix avocado in when your ChickeA Salad is all said and done!

(Step 3) Let me introduce to you...Intuitive Cooking in Your Kitchen! It's really nice to have a solid foundation, which my essential list and recommendations are meant to provide! Now I want you to listen to your intuition regarding quantities of each ingredient for your salad!

(Step 4) Enjoy!

(Step 5) Refrigerate leftovers in a glass storage container, preferably, and try to consume all leftovers within three days!

*Are you trying to incorporate more meatless meals into your weeks?

*Could this ChickeA Salad be a great vegetarian option for you and your favorite people?

*Have you tried Intuitive Cooking before? What are you waiting for? This recipe is a wonderful place to start flexing your intuitive muscles!

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May the kitchen be the art room where you create edible masterpieces that literally become you and those you choose to serve!

Wishing you and everyone you care about most...

Mindful Eating Experiences & Countless Blessings!

Peace, Love, & Everlasting Protection!


Maggie Fekete, E-RYT, CHC, BCHHP


Experienced-Registered Yoga Teacher

Certified Health Coach

Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner

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