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COVID Coat of Armor

Updated: Jan 28, 2022


I've been writing about how best to care for ones temple for a year and four months now. Here I'm consolidating my recommendations into one post to support the immune system with COVID in mind. Should you still have an unfortunate interaction with the virus I'm certain this coat of armer will help you weather the storm better. I will link all previous blog posts should you desire to read in more detail.

I've been wearing this particular coat of armor for about seven months now and truly I've never felt better. May this too be your reality.

Daily must haves in my professional opinion...

(1) An organic chewable vitamin mineral supplement: mykind Organics Gummies.

Choose the correct sex and age appropriate option. If you're under 40 and a female I would recommend their Prenatal Multivitamin for extra nutrition and if by chance you become pregnant the baby will be supported too. If your biological clock is not ticking maybe conceiving a child when we're not in the middle of a pandemic would be a smarter decision. The hospital would be the last place I would ever desire to go as a healthy individual. If you're lucky you will find your needed supplements on Amazon or at Raisin Rack for around $25. If you're unlucky you will pay $35 for a month stock. Regardless, it's worth the investment. After I brush my teeth in the morning I enjoy four gummies, which is the daily serving. Take the four gummies; this is no time to conserve your stock!

(2) Liquid Vitamin D at 3,000 IU daily. Shake supplement well then apply three drops to your tongue each morning after intake of your multi-vitamin; each drop contains 1,000 international units. This supplement paired with your chewable multi-vitamin will put you just below the daily safe upper limit set at 4,000 IU by the Institute of Medicine (IOM). Those being infected with the virus are weathering better with adequate Vitamin D levels; signs and symptoms are less severe paired with a shorter duration of illness. If your being is deficient in Vitamin D and you become infected with COVID, outcomes can be devastating.

(3) You should have a cup of clean water that has set out overnight in your copper cup. Use this water to swallow your next supplement and consume all of the water in your copper cup.

(4) If you're not trying to conceive a child during the COVID pandemic then Neem is your next supplement after intake of your daily chewable multi-vitamin and liquid Vitamin D. I take one capsule each morning but I did work up to this dose. Read previous blog post on Neem to better understand dosing. If you're currently trying to conceive a child but your biological clock is not about to expire, then consider holding off on getting pregnant so that you can have the extra layer of protection that Neem can offer.

(5) During your day eat as cleanly as possible.

(6) During your day drink the cleanest water. Do note that alcohol decreases the immune system. Consider giving up alcohol while the pandemic remains in place. I've had 4 ounces of wine and 1 shot of vodka during this entire pandemic (7 months time and counting) and I'm really proud of this reality. Can you abstain from alcohol too? Or do you like alcohol more than you like your immune system?

(7) Daily exercise is needed at 30 minutes minimum. I mainly choose yoga and you have unlimited access to my video library so I'm hoping you choose yoga too! Yoga supports the body, mind, and the soul, which makes it the superior choice in comparison to other forms of physical activity. The risk of injury is much lower when we use our own weight as resistance. Yoga is also age appropriate for almost everyone and chair/supported yoga is available to those who need to be seated during a yogic asana (yogic flow). I prefer to get my physical activity checked off my to-do list after I've completed 1 through 4 listed above. It sets the tone and pace perfectly for the day and I never have to worry if I will get to my exercise later on.

(8) Meditate for at least 5 minutes per day. You have unlimited access to guided meditations within my video library! Take advantage of Online Maggie; give her a good workout! Those who meditate are among the healthiest individuals on our planet and I surely wish this for you!

(9) My evening shuffle starts with one tablet of OptiZinc. I swallow the tablet with clean water out of my copper cup. Those being infected with the virus are weathering better with adequate zinc levels; signs and symptoms are less severe paired with a shorter duration of illness. If your being is deficient in zinc and you become infected with COVID, outcomes can be devastating.

(10) Vitamin C - take after zinc every other day. Swallow two capsules to provide 1 gram of vitamin C with clean water out of copper cup.

(11) Host Defense Mushrooms, Stamets 7, Daily Immune Support - taken after zinc every other day. Swallow two capsules with clean water out of copper cup. Mushrooms are medicinal and should be consumed regularly to best support the health and wellness of our beings.

(12) Adequate sleep, rest, and relaxation needs to occur daily without neglect.

If you have daily diligence in following my 12 recommendations listed above I have faith that your being will be the antidote to COVID-19.

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Peace, Love, and Everlasting Protection!


Maggie Fekete, E-RYT, CHC, BCHHP


Experienced-Registered Yoga Teacher

Certified Health Coach

Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner

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