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I resonate well with island life! I frequent Hilton Head Island, South Carolina yearly for business and pleasure. My younger brother attended high school on the island and returned as an adult to put down roots in the area.

The longest I've stayed on the island was two months in the spring of 2013. My mother had a private practice on the island and I assisted her in the day-to-day operations. We were professionally positioned right next to delisheeyo within The Village Exchange!

On my lunch break I would enjoy my short walk to one of my all-time favorite restaurants! Almost daily, I ordered their Buddha Bowl and Fresh Pressed Juices! delisheeyo never failed to present fresh food fast!

These days, I order their vegan smoothies and purchase my travel snacks exclusively from this location! Local honey, dried mangos, kettle cooked chips, and candied cashews are essentials during my travels! The atmosphere and staff are both warm and welcoming; making me want to submit an application for employment and campout on their island for the foreseeable future!

Spring 2013, my brother, Michael, hosted family dinner night each Sunday and kindly requested our attendance be mandatory. As an individual who loves weekend adventures, this mandate was difficult for me to swallow. I attempted to rebel but more often than not I was present. Michael would spend his Sundays testing out his favorite recipes in the kitchen and our family would serve as his very first customers. At this point in time, he expressed desires to open a restaurant but honestly, I never took him seriously!

I’m surely glad he moved forward with his dream as Java Burrito Company (JBCo.) goes down in history as another all-time favorite restaurant of mine! Presenting with roots in southern Ohio, I consider JBCo. worth the trip! You might be thinking I have to be bias but if you know me well, you would find me to be extremely honest. I would be the first in my family to tell you to avoid the joint if my brother delivered anything but a five star experience.

The decor within and surrounding JBCo. is on point. The food is mouthwateringly delicious, utilizing clean ingredients, primarily made from scratch. He does serve Beyond Meat for his diehard vegan followers but uses their ground "meat" so he can doctor up their product making it truly his own. My brother cares about supporting local and about providing organic ingredients when possible. These attributes are hard to find in restaurant owners.

When I'm far from the island, I dream about their Mexican Mocha and their Fresh Catch Fish Tacos! Insider tip, let the staff at the grill know you desire their fish right when you enter the line! They'll get your fish on the grill right away and you will have practically little to no wait as you move through their line!

Dining in is a delight but I prefer to take my food to go to enjoy a picnic on the beach! Chaplin Community is my favorite place to park and walk to the beach! If it's too windy for your meal, consider trunk tacos while enjoying the fresh ocean air!

I've dined at many other restaurants on the island but have very high standards and prefer a five star experience always. All other establishments continuously leave me with the sensation that I should have returned to delisheeyo or Java Burrito Company instead. Trying to venture out and experience new, I'm constantly reminded that both delisheeyo and Java Burrito have extensive menus with great variety. When you have located fabulous, as I have, It's best to simply to be served the very best by owners whom truly care about your health and wellness. I'm typically on the island for 10 days at a time and have no complaints about only eating at delisheeyo and Java Burrito. Actually, when friends, family, and clients suggest other dinning locations, you'll hear me complain about this crazy notion!

For a hot minute in spring of 2013, I considered staying forever in Old Town Bluffton. A hop, skip, and jump from the island! An absolutely adorable little historic town. When you're close by don't miss an opportunity to adventure here!

Dine at The Cottage for another five star experience! I adore their fish salad and teas!

The Bluffton Farmers Market runs year round on Thursdays from noon to 5pm!

Purchase WILDLIGHT HONEY, from the swamps, I've never had better! Everyone I so kindly shared my honey with also agreed it was number one in their books too!

Don't miss CAPPYS FARM FRESH FOODS! She specializes in all of my favorites: gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free, and soy-free products! If you too follow this way of life you know how difficult it can be to find tasty products to meet your nostalgic needs! Her lemon poppyseed mini muffins where to die for by my standards! I only purchased one package and quickly noted this to be an epic mistake! Her blueberry muffins were also tasty!

When you're finished eating and shopping, enjoy a lovely walk to May River! Navigate yourself to 111 Calhoun Street, Bluffton, SC, that should get you close enough!

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Ohhh man, I need to get my next trip on the books ASAP! I'm already craving island life and historic Old Town Bluffton! In the future, I can see myself being a professional beach bum!

Peace, Love, & Everlasting Protection!


Maggie Fekete, E-RYT, CHC, BCHHP


Experienced-Registered Yoga Teacher

Certified Health Coach

Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner

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