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Depression and Suicidal Impacts Worldwide

Updated: Jan 28

Honestly, when I started this blog I thought I might share one of my favorite recipes monthly at most.

A profound and uneasy sensation entered my being at the start of Thursday, March 12th and carried into my Friday. For 8 years now I have been providing service weekly to those who are unable to walk. I also have friends (chosen family) whom don't have luxury of being able to use their legs as I can. I understand their struggles to the best of my ability and I don't mean to discount their reality with my next statement. The sensation that arrived to my being on the 12th left me feeling paralyzed.

I was able to escape these uncomfortable sensations this past Saturday and Sunday when my best friend surprised me for the weekend. I love being with him as I get to feel the sensation of time almost stopping completely and all the cares in the world always seem far far away but this is another story titled The Highest Yoga, coming soon to my blog!

Unfortunately, the profound and uneasy sensation returned for this Monday and Tuesday. I watched countless emails and text messages roll in, one by one, practically clearing my entire schedule indefinitely due to governmental mandated closures of businesses where I previously provided private yoga and guided meditation.

If you asked me on the 11th of March why I resided around the Columbus Metro Area, I would have told you because I currently love what I do to make a living and I service individuals I truly and deeply care for.

I do respect those I previously worked with and for and I do hope I have the privilege to work with and for them in the future.

In general, regarding the entire state of Ohio, I'm surprised at how many businesses willingly closed their doors indefinitely, in the name of protecting our community. I understand one person can make a difference standing out against the crowd but together unified we have such a greater impact.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) on January 30th, 2020, Depression globally impacts 264,000,000 (264 million) people of all ages. Depression is also considered a leading cause of disability worldwide. Between 76 and 85 percent of those impacted don't receive treatment. Tragically, we all know that depression can lead to a loss of life and close to 800,000 (800 thousand) people die due to suicide every year. It should be noted that suicide is the second leading cause of death to those between the ages of 15 and 29 years.

Personally, I'd rather take my chances, single handedly, fighting a virus than to experience life unlived. To suffer loss of life from the onset of depression and suicidal ideations associated with forfeiting our livelihood by communal acceptance of governmental mandated shutdowns and forced isolation is just one realistic reality that we are now choosing to face.

Don't misunderstand me; I'm for each individuals right to choose. If you consider yourself to be at risk; currently suffering from disease, an elder, a pregnant women, or have a small child and want to decrease exposure to the community, you should have the right to hibernate and avoid society if these are your desires. But forcing everyone into isolation is mind blowing to me when there have always been much greater threats to our global demise than this newly identified virus. Be very careful with governmental induced fear; when applied correctly it can make one give away everything that our ancestors have fought so very hard to secure for us.

On a more positive note, I'm counting my blessings daily as my teacher instructed. I do have a few private clients that remain on my calendar. I typically visit with them weekly in the comfort of their homes. I'm thankful to these individuals for not voluntarily shutting their doors on me. I'm healthy and well and I honestly thank the universe for this reality daily. I'm grateful for FaceTime, the interwebs, and for my online platforms (yoga, meditation, and this blog), previously established, to allow me to reach those in hibernation. As we all need yoga, meditation, and inspiration now more than ever.

I know you have been ordered to keep your distance from one another but think twice about avoiding a human being, a handshake, an embrace as you might save a life from the impacts of depression and social isolation. When you're finished interacting, wash your hands (sing happy birthday twice using the warmest water you can tolerate with liquid soap and dry yourself using a fresh clean disposable towel preferably, if available), clean your clothes, and take a hot shower if you must to ease your mind.

If you don't die from a virus, I promise you, you will die from something else. The acceptance of our mortality is what needs to take place and then the majority of us have to get back out into the world and start living life again. No one knows how much time each of us have and I'll be damed if I die leaving a section of this life unlived. If my community does not willingly reopen their doors in the near future, I'll find a new community with more gumption. Maybe Kid Rock's establishment in Nashville needs a new support staff as I'm currently in need of additional employment!

Doubling back to my paralysis...oddly enough, I've found that baking brings movement back into my legs. I've never really considered myself a baker even though I've worked in the Bakery at The Hills Market and was recently, for a hot minute, a Biscotti Baker for a local Coffeehouse.

With the Columbus Metro Area currently shutdown, you'll find me relieving my paralysis in the kitchen. You'll find me sharing more of my favorite recipes than I previously planned! On deck, coming very very soon...

*Chocolate Zucchini Bread

*Nube Bread

*Banana Chocolate Muffins

May the kitchen be your art room, where you create edible masterpieces, that literally become you, and those you choose to serve!

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Sending you peace, love, and everlasting protection!


Maggie Fekete, E-RYT, CHC, BCHHP


Experienced-Registered Yoga Teacher

Certified Health Coach

Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner

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