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Healthy Eating on the Go!

Wise beings advise that we set aside time yearly to visit, at least, one place we have never been before. That this experience is invaluable to our body, mind and soul and should never be forsaken. The more mindfully we live day-to-day and the more mindfully we travel, the more funds available to support departure(s)!

I believe once per year would be a recommended minimum. I do feel strongly one should meditate on this topic and determine their personal sweet spot. For my being, I know one new destination per month is needed to feel adequately balanced. Depriving myself of these new experiences is detrimental to my health and happiness. As a result, I am religious about allocating appropriate time in my calendar monthly to ensure I take the very best care of myself. I honor these departures as I would any other appointment scheduled with another individual.

October 2019, I booked travel plans to experience Jacksonville (Jax) Beach, Florida for the very first time! Due to my travel dates being within hurricane season, I decided I wanted to drive to avoid the risk of plane cancellations. I was determined to make it to my destination and felt I needed to maintain control. Handing over the power to the airlines and pilot was more than I could stomach.

Columbus, Ohio to Jax Beach, Florida via The Ru (my car's name)!

Stopping along the way for snacks at gas stations and meals at fast food venues and roadside restaurants can be very time consuming, unhealthy and will quickly add up in cost. It will always be best to plan ahead, prior to departure, by shopping and packing travel essentials.

I prefer nonperishable convenience products that are effortless to consume while driving. As I prefer to stop only when my gas gage reaches 1/4 tank.

Preparing for Departure!

Wild Rice Cakes; Strawberry Fruit Leather; Organic Baby Food Pouches; Mango Real Fruit Rolls; and Apple Sauce were all in fact easy to consume in transit as expected!

After grocery shopping and taking pictures for this blog post, I decided I did not want to take a cooler on this road trip. Thus, my portioned baggies of pickles and olives were enjoyed prior to departure and when I returned home!

I never book reservations for my stops along the way as it is too unpredictable to determine when and where I might need to rest for the night. My hopes were to make it safely to Congaree National Park (CONG) in Hopkins, South Carolina for a camping experience! Thanks to my brother Dominic (I call him Domino these days) on the West Coast, I can say I met my goal! Being that Domino is on Pacific Standard Time, he is my secret weapon for late night arrivals to my destinations. Talking with him always excites me to the point of being completely awake and equip to drive! I have a sneaking suspicion that the West Coast has captivated his heart and as a result I will aways have my secret weapon on Pacific Standard Time!

Dinner on the road...Elkin, NC @ Speedway...Refueling...final stretch to CONG!

When I refuel around my normal meal times, I find it important to stop for a yogic flow and a more substantial meal to properly nourish my body. A good stretch and a picnic so to speak! I take a bathroom break to properly wash my hands plus I always travel with hand sanitizer and baby wipes to use as needed!

Here, on the hood of The Ru, I enjoyed one avocado and sardines drizzled with olive oil, balsamic vinegar, Sriracha, and honey! For dessert: one rice cake, upgraded due to being parked, with fresh ground almond butter and honey!

I use baby wipes to clean my travel containers and silverware. I also always journey with Dr. Bronner's Castile Soap for a deep clean when needed!

Arrived safe and sound to CONG and Jax Beach, Florida!

Before initiating navigation to return home, it is recommended to grocery shop locally to restock on needed essentials! It is heartwarming to purchase speciality items that are reminiscent of recent adventures! My Hot Hispanic took me grocery shopping on the day of my departure back to CONG for camping yet again! By now you should know I love to grocery shop with My Hot Hispanic but this particular experience goes down in history as my favorite to date!

Headed North, Back @ CONG! Morning hike before breakfast!

Travel Essentials Pictured @ CONG!

Breakfast @ CONG!

My all-time favorites, Florida avocado, Trout and Turrón for dessert!

Gifts from My Hot Hispanic!

The distance traveled truly does not matter only the newness in the experience. In the month of October, I traveled 836 miles to Jax Beach, Florida and 64 miles to Yellow Springs, Ohio to hike Glen Helen Nature Preserve. Both destinations were first-timers for me and both adventures were magical in their own right.

Glen Helen, Yellow Springs, Ohio

*Do you know how often you need to book adventure into your calendar to experience newness and balance, for your body, mind, and soul?

*Could meditation help you find your personal sweet spot?

*Do you live mindfully day-to-day to increase your chances of departure?

*Are you conscious when traveling and adventuring to be sure you stay within budget? As staying within budget ensures you get to return to travel, adventure, and newness sooner rather than later!

May you too be married to amazement, taking the world into your arms!

(abbreviated quote by Mary Oliver)

As not all who wander are lost!

(abbreviated quote by J. R. R. Tolkien)

Peace, Love & Adventure!



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