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I Did It... 6 Years & 6 Months Later to be Exact!

Updated: Jan 28

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Full disclosure, as a business owner, I’ve never filed my yearly taxes late or requested an extension from the IRS.

Six years and six months ago, I opened my very own private practice! At the launch of my business, I set a goal for myself: each month I would track my travel miles, my expenses, and my income for tax purposes. I desired to complete this task monthly to avoid stress and pressure around what I call “tax season!” Unfortunately, I failed myself for six years and six months.

Each year, a few months prior to the tax deadline, I would feel the weight of the lingering task ahead. My energy would shift for the worse as I would become overwhelmed with the need to process such volumes of business information. I would think to myself daily, if only you didn’t wait to the last minute, this task would have been relatively easy if completed monthly as you previously set out to. Disappointment would set in, shifting my being to a darker place.

Six years and six months after the launch of my private practice the weight and disappointment surrounding “tax season” dissolved for the very first time and was replaced with a feeling of bliss I had never experienced prior.

June 2019 was the very first time I was documenting my travel, expenses, and income in live time. As I sit here typing to you, I have no tax documenting on my to-do list! I am up-to-date and it truly feels spectacular!

I am left to wonder, what took me so long? What did I do incorrectly? What could I do better moving forward when it comes to my goals? I’ve spent six years and six months supporting others in reaching their goals successfully, why could I not help myself?

Experts in the area of goal setting and accomplishment say the following parameters should be met. Goals should be:

· Specific - √ mine was

· Measurable - √ mine was

· Attainable - √ mine was

· Realistic- √ yoooop for sure!

· Timely – no, my timeline did not resonate with my being. Working on this task monthly was not enough. “Monthly” was still so overwhelming that I would avoid and procrastinate. I needed to set time in my calendar each week and honor that appointment like I do all others but it took me 78 months to figure that out.

In addition to me failing to set an appropriate timeline, I also failed to recruit an individual to truly hold me accountable to myself and my goal.

My biggest lesson from this experience is that we all need accountability partners to set ourselves up for success! I had happily accepted being my clients accountability partner but never truly recruited one for myself.

Every doctor needs a doctor, every dentist needs a dentist, every teacher needs a teacher. I as a Health Coach and Counselor desperately needed one of my own (for six years and six months to be exact) to serve as my accountability partner in accomplishing my tax goal.

I will never forget the moment in time, on June 19th, at 5:10pm when for the first time I was documenting my business car/travel log, expenses, and income in live time. A state of bliss that will be remembered as I move forward setting new goals in an effort to become the being I have always dreamed of!

*Do you have goals that never seem to leave your to-do list?

*Are you following expert recommendations on how to set and accomplish your goals?

*Do you have an accountably partner?

*Do you need to find one today?

*What are you waiting for?

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May the force be with you today and everyday you work towards accomplishing your goals! May you reach a state of bliss and grace that you never thought possible!

Peace, Love, & Everlasting Protection!


Maggie Fekete, E-RYT, CHC, BCHHP


Experienced-Registered Yoga Teacher

Certified Health Coach

Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner

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