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Immunity...Life Hack

Updated: Jan 28, 2022


I've been in search of creative ways to support the body to naturally decrease ones' risk of infection or dramatically decrease the severity of an infection should one result unfortunately. I've stumbled upon the most interesting life hack and of course I had to share my findings with you!

The use of copper in Ayurvedic Medicine dates back thousands of years. In addition, countless medical journals report findings that support the Ayurvedic use of copper for its antibacterial, antimicrobial, and antiviral properties.

Now do I think copper is the magic pill for COVID-19 or any other infectious disease, no, not at all. I do think it could give you super powers though especially if you're already actively eating right, engaging in a balanced exercise routine (cardio, weight training, and stretching), and including a daily focus of stress reduction and relaxation into your routine. Then the addition of copper would serve as the cherry on top of your life.

My grandfather Pappy, RIP, wore copper rings on almost every finger. In my opinion and evaluation he did not pay attention to the essentials to support a healthy body, mind, and soul. I don't think the copper could help him much as a result.

Me on the other hand am anticipating super powers from the addition of copper! I've been drinking out of a copper cup for quite some time now but honestly because it was a gift with my name on it! Not because I was trying to extract antibacterial, antimicrobial, and antiviral properties from the metal.

Upon additional research I've come to find that we should leave a cup of water in a copper cup by our bedside at night. Allowing the metal and health benefits to seep into our water. When we wake we should enjoy our cup of magic! I've never actively let my water seep in my copper cup but I will moving forward!

Consider the addition of copper essentials in your life:



-water jug or water storage pot


If you're fashion forward consider:




-necklaces or pendants

I purchased my copper essentials from ishaLiFE and maybe you should too!

*Now with the addition of copper one has to protect their zinc levels. Supplemental zinc would be recommended. If you've already digested my Coat of Armor then you're already familiar and possibly taking supplemental zinc!*

Zinc is wonderful addition to support our immune system so this supplement is a true no brainer especially with COVID-19 in the picture.

*Did this expression add value to your life? Please consider donating to support in buying a symbolic cup of coffee! Thank you in advance for your contribution & generosity!

I hope you find this offering, this life hack, to be an easy integration with profound protective benefits!

To you and everyone you care about most...

Peace, Love, & Everlasting Protection!


Maggie Fekete, E-RYT, CHC, BCHHP


Experienced-Registered Yoga Teacher

Certified Health Coach

Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner

*Learn more about my background and offerings!


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