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Consuming juice from freshly pressed fruits and vegetables delivers the largest quantity of life force to your being. The fresher the ingredients the better. Spring is right around the corner, promising increased access to foods picked earlier in the day, prior to the start of various farmers markets! Purchasing organic when available and possible will always be the right decision for the cleanest ingredients!

Not just any juicer will do! You want to be sure your juicer has the power and capability to extract significant liquid and nutrients from your chosen ingredients! Sanitation and cleanliness should also be considered. In general, no juicer provides a quick and easy clean up process but some are much better than others.

My juicer is an Angel! An extremely thoughtful and beautiful gift from my mother! Angels although on the pricier side are a buy once, buy right, type of purchase! Cheap varieties tend to leave one with buyer's remorse and often need to be replaced on multiple occasions within a lifetime.

Angels are made from 100% food and surgical grade stainless steal, which is extremely important when considering food safety and sanitation. Equipped with the highest quality materials ensures that no food components are absorbed into any element of the machine. Utilizing a multi-step slow speed grinding process the Angel stays cool when extracting 1.6 times more juice and 17 times more nutrients than other juicers from the same amount of fruits and vegetables. This style of juicer guarantees you get the highest yield of both liquid and nutrients for your efforts. Anyone who has juiced before knows there's a considerable amount of time and energy that goes into prep and cleanup when juicing!

Cheaper high speed juicers have difficulty extracting sufficient liquid from fibrous ingredients and often generate so much heat in the process that vital nutrients are killed rather than consumed. The point of juicing is to become healthier from the increased intake of vitamins and minerals; not to kill them in your process. I speak from experience; It's super disappointing to spend a considerable amount of money on ingredients to juice and barely extract any consumable liquids from ones efforts because the wrong tool was used for the job.

One might spend more than they were expecting on an Angel, for example, but will extract 80-92% of juice from ingredients purchased; saving money on groceries in the long term. Your investment in your health is also backed by a 10-year warranty when shopping with Angel!

My parents were in the mood for juice so we enjoyed the following together:

-2 lemons

-5 organic apples

-1/2 bag of organic celery

-1 bag of organic carrots

I was enjoying a vow of silence when recording this video and chose not to make any yummy noises when consuming my freshly extracted juice! It was delicious!

In summery, juicing is an excellent addition to ones routine to improve nutrient intake and thus health and wellness! 4-ounces is the recommended serving for juice. Enjoy juicing primarily in the spring and summer seasons when detoxing is needed from the heavy foods consumed during the fall and winter! When investing in your health make sure you choose a juicer that falls into the category of buy once, buy right! Make sure its components are hygienic to avoid absorption and transfer of ingredients from one juicing occasion to another. It must provide a slow grind and generate little to no heat to preserve the nutrients within your ingredients and thus juice!

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May you feel lighter and healthier with the addition of freshly pressed juices in the spring and summer months!

Peace, Love, & Everlasting Protection!


Maggie Fekete, E-RYT, CHC, BCHHP


Experienced-Registered Yoga Teacher

Certified Health Coach

Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner

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