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Life as a Circle

Six years (2013-2018), I regularly counseled clients in the art of behavior change. They decided what they desired to change and I supported them through their stages. I often provided the following exercise at the conclusion of our first appointment together. This activity was passed on to me during my training at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN) and serves as the backbone of this blog. With 2020 right around the corner, I felt this was the perfect time to formally introduce and make use of The Circle of Life.

I recommend evaluating your life, utilizing the picture provided below, at the start of each month in the given year.

-Review each word, on each line, and determine how you feel about this area of your life.

-Place a dot on each line to symbolize your satisfaction.

*The closer your dot is to the outside of the circle the more satisfied you are.

*The closer your dot is to the inside of the circle the more dissatisfied you are with this area in your life.

-When you finish placing each dot on each line, connect your dots.

There is no correct or incorrect circle. Only you can determine what near perfection would look like for you. I consider myself to be an introvert who prefers a considerable amount of alone time. This being said, the closer my dot is to the outside of my circle, in the category of "Social Life," the more antisocial I am being and the more balance I feel!

Each category listed on this worksheet represents a profound area in our lives. IIN referred to these areas in life as Primary Foods. Areas that are often neglected or not considered but have the potential to provide deep nourishment. When long lasting balance is created in these areas, bliss and grace is felt on every level of our beings.

Complete this exercise monthly to outline what you intend to work on throughout the month to feel a greater degree of bliss and grace in the coming month.

Sidebar: 2019 my main focus has been on yoga, meditation, and my online services including this blog! I feel this focus will continue in 2020! I did place one disclaimer on my focus: if a past client needed my support in the present and/or future, I would find a way to be of service. This is out of respect for the relationship built and progress made! This disclaimer will continue in 2020!

Regarding new in person clients, a serious arm twist and a pleaded case would be required for me to consider handing out valuable calendar time.

*Could you benefit from evaluating these essential areas in life monthly?

*Can you see yourself setting monthly goals with the intent of establishing a greater abundance of bliss and grace in your life?

*I hope you deeply consider implementing this practice into the twelve months of your 2020!

Wishing you lots and lots of peace and love in the new year!

Happy 2020!



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