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Updated: Jan 28


As I type to you, I'm proud to report that I have a lovely meditation streak in progress! I've completed 87 consecutive days of meditation. I fell madly in love with YogaSexercises on-demand experience #3 and meditation #49 and #50 at The Guest Bungalow! I will never forget the very first time I practiced these meditations. I experienced the eureka effect (aka an aha! moment in time). I could feel every molecule in my body deeply craving more of the magic these ancient mantras had to offer.

Prior to day #1 in completing these specific meditations, I would dislike the reoccurring feeling that my random meditation practice was getting in the way of the flow of my life. Now life attempts to get in the way of my meditation practice and I never allow it. I love the profound shift in thought process and as a result it's been effortless for my being to keep this streak in progress!

  • 40 consecutive days of meditation is considered the gold standard to cleanse the subconscious; to release what no longer serves; to release what is holding you back.

  • 90 consecutive days of meditation is said to confirm a new pattern in your life.

  • 120 consecutive days of meditation ensures a new positive pattern is created within your being.

  • 1000 consecutive days of meditation is said to be mastery in meditation.

My hopes and dreams are to reach mastery in these specific meditations! Wish me luck!

The Guest Bungalow currently offers over 52 different styles of meditation and this number will continue to grow. My aspiration is, in time, you test each one for yourself, searching for your eureka effect! Securing a meditation you can prioritize above all in the daily flow of your life! I've never felt more ground, balanced, and content than in the now and I know this is largely in part due to my daily dedication to meditation.

Ground breaking research associated with Harvard in Massachusetts shows that real positive changes start to occur within the brain when you establish a daily practice for at least 8 weeks. You must maintain your practice to keep your benefits. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) brain scans can prove the results of your dedication.

In getting started, my foundational recommendations can be found by reviewing Meditation Essentials for Home Practice. If you're interested in taking your meditation practice to the next level, please consider the additional support items.

(1) Sandalwood essential oil placed on the third eye chakra, between the eyebrows is said to enhance the meditative experience. Young Living is my favorite essential oil company though I currently don't have a any of their products. I use Zum Mist, sandalwood-citrus, aromatherapy room & body mist! Prior to my meditation practice, I shake their product very well then spray the solution on my pointer finger to apply to my third eye!

(2) A favorite blanket to cover your shoulders or a favorite scarf to cover the crown on your head is recommended to be reserved just for your meditation practice. The positive energy of your meditations will be infused into your support item and will naturally produce relaxed sensations upon application!

My favorite scarf pictured above was a gift from my maternal grandmother. For as long as I can remember she has always been on my team! She notes that I'm her best friend and that she has always felt a strong connection to me. Not only do I find this meditation scarf to be relaxing but it also brings found memories of my grandmother to mind. I feel deeply supported on many levels in choosing this specific scarf to reinforce my mediation practice. When choosing your support item, choose wisely!

My Grandmother, Syl Jean!

(3) An altar placed in the corner of the room you practice most often can make your space feel more sacred. When you're looking at your alter, ideally you would be facing east. Place a few precious objects on your alter - a picture, statue, incense holder, sage and palo santo, candles, flowers and/or a small plant to name a few examples. My latest altar is made out of a tree, that had already been cut down, to remind me of my breath and the reality that my lungs can't function without the trees. Not enough attention and respect are paid to the trees, in my opinion, and this altar helps to remind me to express my gratitude to the tress as often as possible.

(4) One of my teachers strongly encourages a copper snake ring on the left ring finger to enhance the meditative experience. The snake symbolizes the kundalini energy, typically lying dormant at the base of the spine if one is considered to be sleeping; not a woke individual. Through a daily dedication to a yoga practice, which includes respecting your external and internal environments; movement as yoga postures and sequences; breathwork; withdrawal of senses; intense concentration; meditation; and a state of oneness; an individual can can remove blockages and stagnant energy along the spinal column, which houses profound energy centers knowns a chakras. When our seven chakras are balanced and free from stagnant energy and blockages, the serpent can rise all the way up the spine and out the crown chakra for a kundalini experience and a state known as enlightenment.

The Guest Bungalow is always at your service, open 24/7, 365 days per year! Hoping you locate your aha moment in meditation at The Guest Bungalow! Should you feel you need more support in getting started, feel free to reach out to schedule a private guided meditation session! I'm easy to get in touch with and always here to support you on your yogic journey!

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Peace, Love, & Everlasting Protection!


Maggie Fekete, E-RYT, CHC, BCHHP


Experienced-Registered Yoga Teacher

Certified Health Coach

Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner

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