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Meditation Essentials for Home Practice

Updated: Jan 28


A daily meditation practice is surely an amazing goal to strive toward. The benefits from this actualizing in one's reality are astronomical. A regular dedication like such guarantees an increase in self-awareness, creativity, and imagination. We will find ourselves demonstrating flexibility (on and off our yoga mats) embodying patience and tolerance. Our abilities to handle and manage stress appear revolutionized. The past and the future don't seem to hold our attention as they once did. The magic of the present moment captivates the vast majority of our awareness. These expressions represent only the very tip of the iceberg. Mind-blowing research shows that meditation can profoundly improve symptoms associated with anxiety, depression, headaches/pain, high blood pressure, and difficulty sleeping, to name a few examples.

The most difficult step is the first one, in getting started! To date our Video Library holds 48 guided meditations. This is an estimated 1.5 months of meditation without even having to repeat one video! Honestly, you will probably fall madly in love with a particular style of meditation and latch on to that guided experience with exuberance. By the time you're finished with the current 48 meditations, I'm positive I will have uploaded new and exciting experiences in hopes of helping you locate and preserve your element of grace!

I've come to find the following support items to be essential in getting started and sustaining a daily dedicated practice.

(1) A peaceful timer, unrelated to our phones. Honestly, this offering is a touch challenging to set but once you get the hang of it I trust you too will find this tool essential. I also use this timer in my daily Yin Yoga practice for the deepest stretch of the fascia (connective tissues).

(2) Meditation seat - Initially, I was skeptical about this item on purchase and again on arrival but my teacher highly recommended the foldable backrest for daily practice. I was pleasantly surprised at its comfort and versatility. In a seated posture, the goal is to maintain an erect spinal column rendering the backrest unneeded but it's always there to support you in a pinch, which is tremendously comforting!

If you prefer to meditate in a reclined posture, this seat will surely increase comfort levels by elevating your knees and supporting the weight of your legs. Be careful with corpse pose (shavasana position) as it does facilitate sleep, which is not the goal of meditation. In my classes, I've never frowned upon drifting into a sleep like state, as I feel the body takes what it needs, when it needs it most. In general, our lives can be very sleep deprived and it's my pleasure to create an environment where the body can rest and relax fully. When you're practicing on your own, choose your position wisely to ease your being into a trancelike meditative state rather than sleep per se.

If you love to read, this seat can also properly support your head with the assistance of a pillow! Making the foldable backrest chair even more resourceful than I had ever initially imagined.

If you have a bench like seat and desire a backrest for your meditation, this essential tool will for sure come in handy!

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Wishing you ease in establishing a daily meditation practice for superior health and wellness!

Peace, Love, & Everlasting Protection!


Maggie Fekete, E-RYT, CHC, BCHHP


Experienced-Registered Yoga Teacher

Certified Health Coach

Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner

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