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Moisturization & Lubrication!


The cooler temperatures set in to the north and dry, itchy, cracked, and bloody skin becomes an issue for many individuals. I've spent the better part of 34 years falling into this category with winter-like weather.

Last autumn, when I was tending my mom's bar in downtown Newark, Ohio, I met a lovely yogi who specialized in Ayurvedic Medicine. She recommended sesame oil (unrefined and un-toasted) to penetrate the deepest layers of my skin! I now consider this yogi one of my angels as her tip dramatically improved the quality of my skin and thus life! I apply organic sesame oil regularly to my face, neck, hands, tattoos, and legs after I shower and as needed. If you're all tatted up, my artist is amazed at the quality of my tattoos and I give all the credit to my sesame oil and my diligent routine.

After application you will smell like Chinese food for a few moments but it will pass I promise and it's so worth it!

If one is in to all-natural skin care, it's common to use coconut oil as your moisturizer. Coconut oil mainly sits on the surface layers of the skin and better serves as an organic lubricant rather than a moisturizer. There's surely a place for coconut oil in one's life but it's in the bedroom. Apply coconut oil liberally to your favorite toy or person if your body does't naturally produce enough lubrication.

Be sure to evaluate/meditate on the reason your body does not self lubricate as the wrong toy and the wrong person can negatively impact your energy; reducing your bodies ability to self lubricate.

To set the mood with the right person and/or the right toy review Sex as a form of Meditation!

If you desire a toy but aren't quite sure where to begin, you will NOT find a better experience than The Chamber in the Short North of Columbus, Ohio! The staff is super knowledgable and helpful. You can count on all of your questions being answered. To increase quality satisfaction, staffing will open packaging and allow you to handle products but everyone has to be wearing surgical gloves (unrelated to COVID)! Once you buy the product is yours! Visit The Chamber solo or bring your favorite person for a thrilling outing!

Hoping the colder temperatures are easier to handle when sesame oil and coconut oil are infused into your life correctly!

Peace, Love, & Everlasting Protection!



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