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Sex as a form of Meditation

Our sexual energy is very sacred to say the least and if expressed with great intention is considered to be a foundational pillar to life according to Ayurvedic Medicine.

Sexual energy was never meant to be used carelessly without much thought. The moment in time for your sacred expressions are supposed to be deeply considered to produce the most supreme therapeutic results for your being and the other(s) involved.

The other is the first to consider. Not just anyone will do. You never want to waste your sacred energy. Energetically, you must vibe very very well as your energy will be dancing on every level and not just any dance will do.

Photo Credit: deep appreciation to Mamo for his illustration

Next consideration is your environment. I am deeply and profoundly drawn to the element of water and thus prefer to be close to a river, lake or beach. Contemplation meditation can help you to determine where the very best version of yourself would be located.

St. Augustine, Florida | Boardwalk to Beach

St. Augustine, Florida

Once you have your person and your environment, next you should invest time in setting the mood. I recommend soft lighting and trance music to facilitate a meditative like state. The addition of plants are also very nice to purify and oxygenate your air.

The sweet smell of flowers and a bed full of rose petals can be a beautiful added touch.

Natural aphrodisiacs should be added to strengthen the energy...wine, papaya and oysters are wonderful examples but do enjoy researching other options and choose the ones the resonate best with you and your person. The act of feeding each other aphrodisiacs can serve as excellent foreplay.



Oysters | Ready to be Shucked


If you and your person enjoy the act of giving and receiving touch therapy, then Erotic Massage is considered to be one of the most exciting games in foreplay. A home lubricant, coconut oil, can be regarded as soothing to the entire body. If you tune in to your intuition you will know what your person wants and your erotic massage will magically unfold without having to memorize moves.

When the stars align, you find yourself alone with your person in your environment with the needed essentials...mood lighting and music, plants, flowers and aphrodisiacs. I hope at this point in time you and your person both experience mind altering euphoria that can only be described as fireworks felt on every level of your beings. In reflection, I hope you both note that the astrological alignment was worth waiting for. As a joke, I enjoy sharing that I'm zero percent Russian as I truly believe what is rushed is not worthwhile.

When such time, thought and patience are put into the act of expressing your sexual energy the results are undeniable. You experience not just an orgasm at your sexual powerhouse but one that is felt on every level of your being. You are left nourished and restored, as in deep meditation, which is why this expression of sexual energy can be described as a foundational pillar in life.

Should it take more time than expected for the alignment of your person, environment and needed essentials, I hope you enjoy the yogic philosophy of conserving your sexual energy for yourself. The more you intentionally save your sexual energy the more everyday life turns into a climax. In time and practice, the little things in life (the breeze, flowers, the various versions of the sky, butterflies and dragonflies dancing, the sun kissing your skin, delicious foods and the sunset to name a few examples) turn into enjoyable and excitable sensations that could be defined as orgasmic experiences.


*Are you intrigued by Ayurvedic Medicines take on how and when you should express your sexual energy to ensure it serves as a foundational pillar in life rather than being destructive to your foundation?

*Are you challenged by the yogic philosophy to conserve your sexual energy for yourself and only yourself?

*Does it make your stomach turn the way our society portrays the expressions of sexual energy? And do you pledge, moving forward, to not fall into the statistical norm of treating this sacred act and energy as disposable?

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May you experience unforgettable fireworks when your timing is right!

Peace, Love, & Everlasting Protection!


Maggie Fekete, E-RYT, CHC, BCHHP


Experienced-Registered Yoga Teacher

Certified Health Coach

Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner

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This blog post was written within a Rose Garden in Westerville, Ohio. A very special thank you to the city for maintaining this sacred representation of love.

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