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Sleep, Rest, & Relaxation

Updated: Jan 28

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Do you know how much sleep you need nightly to feel your best? Your minimum? Your maximum? Do you honor these numbers night after night?

It's so very important to keep in mind general sleep recommendations based on age. Going one step further is essential; consider tuning into your being, meditating on this topic in hopes of unlocking your minimum and maximum sleep requirements. Finally and most importantly, holding yourself accountable to your needs.


Honestly, I'm pretty impressive at sleeping! I don't yet feel I've graduated from the sleeping habits of a teenager! I can easily sleep for twelve hours if I create this type of space within my calendar. Sleeping even longer, which is also easy for me to do, makes my body feel too stiff upon waking. I find myself quickly craving movement, craving asana (yogic flow).

8 hours of Sleep, Rest, & Relaxation shown in a 29 second Time-Lapse

As I age, securing my minimum, seven hours nightly, is becoming more and more imperative. During my younger years, I could get away with less sleep per night and on occasion effortlessly pull all-nighters. These days, I really don't like the way less feels and as a result I do my very best to avoid experiencing too little sleep.

Some argue too much time is lost during the sleeping hours. Implying life is less lived by those who enjoy sleeping. I'm going to guess that these types of individuals have a minimum much less than mine with expressions like such. When I'm well rested, life is better experienced to the extent I wouldn't exchange more wake time for a life of less quality.

Our distant ancestors, whom experienced days filled with physical labor paired with a lack of electricity and electronics; found themselves more tired after a days work and encountered more ease in establishing a rhythm of sleeping with the moon and waking with the sun.

With more sedentary career paths, on average, and more bright lights and blue glowing screens, we are faced with more obstacles to overcome in establishing healthy sleeping habits than past generations.

Random and ever changing sleep schedules never used to concern me. Though in 2020, I'm gaining focus and momentum in creating sleep rhythms that are dependable for my being that can further enhance the quality achieved during my waking hours.

I'm an individual driven by calendars and peaceful alarms. Without these calendars and soothing alarms, I would come across as much less organized. My sleep time is now scheduled in my calendar, with respectful reminder alarms set at 2 hours before and at time of event. I do my very best to honor these resting appointments with myself as I would any other entry in my calendar as this is one essential puzzle piece in establishing a better version of myself.

I am surely far from perfect, and from time to time I fail to meet my minimum desired hours of sleep. Usually, I'm attempting to meet my own scheduled deadlines or addressing unexpected, yet accepted, requests from loved ones.

In my toolbox, I have a natural crutch, that I seldom lean on, to get me through a day of sleep depravation: b12. My latest supplement purchase and recommendation is by Bluebonnet. They offer naturally sweetened raspberry, cellular active b12 chewables for maximum assimilation and absorption. I purchase mine from Raisin Rack to satisfy my now craving but this supplement is also available via Amazon Prime if you can afford to wait! This supplement is Soy-Free, Gluten-Free, NON-GMO Project Verified, Kosher Certified, Vegan (no dairy (no milk!), no egg, no fish (no crustacean shellfish)), and also free of tree nuts, peanuts, rice, and sodium. Per one tablet, this supplement provides a MEGA dose of 1,000 mcg (micrograms) of vitamin b12 coming in at 41,667% Daily Value.

This supplement should only be used on occasion and in the event of an emergent need of energy as one tablet far exceeds 100% of daily needs. Though, when taking supplemental b12 orally there is a low risk for toxicity due to absorption percentage and as a result no tolerable upper intake level (UL) has been set by the US Food and Nutrition Board.

For my dedicated vegetarian and vegan followers, do note b12 is found in products of animal origin. If you're strict with your meal plan, b12 deficiency can occur, making supplementation crucial. Furthermore, if you're a vegetarian or vegan whom enjoys quotidian cocktails, a reduction in intestinal absorption of b12 is probable making supplementation even more important.


*Could you benefit from tuning into your being by meditating on the topic of sleep, rest, and relaxation in hopes of determining your nightly needs? Your minimum hours required? Your maximum hours desired?

*Could your electronic calendar(s) help you too in developing a sound rhythmic sleep schedule?

*Should you have supplemental b12 in your toolbox in case of an energy emergency? or because you're a strict vegetarian or vegan?

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Wishing you nights filled with sleep, rest, and relaxation! Wishing you days filled with vitality as a result of your dedication in developing a rhythmic sleep schedule that you can respect nightly!

Peace, Love, & Sweet Sueños (Dreams in Spanish)!


Maggie Fekete, E-RYT, CHC, BCHHP


Experienced-Registered Yoga Teacher

Certified Health Coach

Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner

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