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Sweet & Spicy Burgers!

Updated: Jan 28

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Personal Chef turned blogger! My favorite burger recipe is now yours!

(1) I prefer to start with Beyond Burgers but you can choose ground bison, beef or turkey if you desire! I will always recommend organic when available! You're welcome to review a former blog post of mine titled Mindful Eating, to better understand why I vote with my dollar by purchasing organics!

Beyond Meat, Beyond Burger: "The world's first plant-based burger that looks, cooks, and satisfies like beef without GMOs (genetically modified organisms), Soy, or Gluten. Find it in the meat aisle."

Per serving you will receive twenty grams of plant based protein from peas. Other predominate ingredients include canola and coconut oil. This burger contains no peanuts or tree nuts and is certified Kosher.

I have been purchasing and trying veggie burgers for 19 years now and no product has been worth discussing until now!

(2) Place ripped organic curly kale, sliced shiitake mushroom caps and diced fresh organic ginger into a skillet on medium heat with butter.

You're always welcome to substitute your favorite greens and mushrooms in place of mine!

I prefer dairy-free vegan butter! Earth Balance Organic Coconut Spread or Earth Balance European Style Buttery Spread! Feel free to review another blog post titled Cheese Please, to better understand why I follow a dairy free way of life!

Cook until ingredients reach desired texture.

(3) Dice jalapeños and Hungarian wax peppers to taste + 2 dates and add to ground meat!

Be mindful that these two types of peppers are not dependably hot or not. Dice and consume at your own risk! You're welcome to substitute any of your favorite peppers in place of mine!

If you desire to be on the lazier side, as I did, choose preformed patties rather than a package of ground meat!

(4) Get your hands messy! Mix ingredients together and reform your patty! Then place in skillet on medium heat with butter!

(5) The Beyond Burger gets flipped after 3-4 minutes depending on packaging instructions! If you desire a cheese burger add your favorite cheese now! I like my cheese cold so I am going to skip this cheesy step!

By now I am hoping you are well aquatinted with the latest and greatest dairy free cheese on the market! Just in case you are behind on my recommended reading consider viewing the following blog post:

(6) When the burger has finished cooking add the kale, mushrooms and ginger into the burger skillet to soak up the burger juices! Mmmmm delicious!

(7) Toppings are a must in my world!

My favorite dairy free cheese + sliced tomato and avocado + Gluten Free burger bun by Udi's oven toasted to perfection!

I also follow a Gluten Free way of life to decrease my abdominal bloating, improve my digestion and elimination and to sharpen my mental focus by avoiding lethargy and brain fog. I consider myself to be gluten sensitive and the best way to determine if you would benefit from a gluten free way of life would be through the elimination diet. If you're interested you would avoid gluten for 31 days and then reintroduce gluten containing products back into your diet while paying particular attention to the way you feel on all levels. If gluten does not resinate with your being, you will know for sure! If you desire to work towards becoming the very best version of yourself, avoidance of what does not resinate is recommended.

(8) Time to assemble my masterpiece!

Bottom bun, cheese, burger, sauteed mushrooms, sauteed curly kale, sliced avocado, sliced tomato, homemade organic honey mustard (equal parts honey + equal parts mustard) and lastly top bun!

Homemade Organic Honey Dijon Mustard

My Masterpiece!

(9) I placed the palm of my hand (super clean) on top of my burger and smashed it down with all of my might!

(10) Any leftover ingredients can be served on the side of your burger and enjoyed as a little salad! I have leftover curly kale, ginger and avocado!

(11) My review: I don't subscribe to the clean plate club but I cleaned this plate effortlessly! My burger...perfection! The bun was on point: never crumbling and easily holding all of the contents of my burger together like a champion! Not one morsel fell out of my sandwich and onto my plate...mind blown!

The smashing of my burger was needed and clutch. No difficulty with consumption after smashing and no jaw pain!

I served myself a fork but chose to consume my entire meal with my hands to become one with all of my senses during this mindful eating experience!

Super excited the Beyond Burger preformed patties are a two pack and that the Udi's Burger Buns are a four pack! So looking forward to recreating this meal!

*Are you on your way to the grocery to gather the essentials to create this meal for yourself and your loved ones?

*Are you going to give Udi's Hamburger Buns a try?

*Are you going to give Beyond Meat, Beyond Burger a chance to blow your mind?

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This recipe is designed to nourish your body, mind and soul in ways you never thought possible! Wishing you a delightful dining experience!

Peace, Love, & Everlasting Protection!


Maggie Fekete, E-RYT, CHC, BCHHP


Experienced-Registered Yoga Teacher

Certified Health Coach

Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner

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