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The Ears, The Nose, & The Throat

Updated: Jan 28, 2022


If we desire the very best results from our medical professionals, it's recommended that we "interview" individuals prior to making our final decision. Often one skips this step in the process and even worse continues to seek care from practitioners whom aren't compatible with themselves or their health and wellness goals.

In my past, prior to accumulating my educational background, I had a team of doctors that cared for my being. These days, I feel absolutely fabulous and as a result have paired down my team to only the essentials. I consider Dr. Alfred J. Fleming to be my number one essential Medical Doctor. I visit him quarterly at Ohio ENT & Allergy Physicians on Bethel Road in Columbus, Ohio.

I'm always excited for my appointments with Dr. Fleming. He comes across as down-to-earth, kind, compassionate, knowledgable, and approachable to name only a few positive traits that keep him on my medical team. I've never felt like a number; he must have a photographic memory, otherwise I suspect he takes very nice notes on his patients and surely reviews them prior to each appointment so that no patient ever feels forgotten. I never see him acting rushed and thus I never identify with being less or unimportant. These are the qualities I search for when "interviewing" an individual to join my medical team. One will know when they have not been chosen or rather kicked off my team when I avoid scheduling another appointment. One will know that I consider them a keeper when I recommend their services to my network. In addition I personally travel one hour and 45 minutes for an appointment, four times per year. Honestly, I don't care where I reside in the future or where Dr. Fleming chooses to practice medicine. I consider him irreplaceable and thus will continue to commute to his location of employment, indefinitely.

Full disclosure, my being produces an abundance of ear wax! As a child I complained of difficulty hearing and my pediatrician found my ears to be impacted with wax. Using little metal tools, he extracted one hard ball of wax from each ear, which was pressing on my eardrum and blocking the flow of sound. This began the start of having my ears professionally cleaned out. Frankly, It never really felt professional until I met Dr. Fleming. Previous medical professionals would provide a warm water ear flush, which felt terrible, leaving me with the sensation of water being trapped in my ears. I could never see what they were up to and was never satisfied with the amount of wax extraction. On the other hand, Dr. Fleming uses a tiny ear camera so I get to watch everything! He has an amazing little ear vacuum, which he uses to remove all the unnecessary wax built-up in my ears. The entire process feels wonderful and I always depart his office feeling super grateful! Between appointments, I never use Q-tips as they are terrible tools for the ears; causing more harm than good. It Increases the likelihood of pushing wax deeper into the ear cannel and potentially damaging the eardrum. In my distant past, I tried over the counter wax removal kits with little impressive results. These days, I simply wait patiently for the quarter to pass and for my next appointment to approach so that I can feel the sensation yet again of freshly cleaned ears!

I had practice rights for an estimated 11 years in countless hospitals and outpatient medical communities as a Registered and Licensed Dietitian/Nutritionist. I functioned as an active participant on numerous medical teams. Interacting with an unimaginable number of physicians and Dr. Fleming surpasses them all. He falls into the category of a gem, in my opinion; truly rare and a valuable asset to any medical team.

I recommend scheduling an appointment with Dr. Fleming in present day so that you can determine if he too is a good fit for you and your team but in the meantime meet my favorite doctor circa 2017:

* Published January, 13th, 2017 *

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Wishing your ears, nose, and throat, phenomenal health! I'm confident Dr. Fleming will help to ensure this reality!

Peace, Love, & Everlasting Protection!


Maggie Fekete, E-RYT, CHC, BCHHP


Experienced-Registered Yoga Teacher

Certified Health Coach

Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner

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