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My 11 Day Ayurvedic & Yogic Cleanse in Review

Updated: Jan 28


*Warning, Warning, Warning* don’t read this profound wellness insight if you can’t handle too much information (TMI) as this entire expression is TMI!

I personally initiated this cleanse in an attempt to provide real teamlike support for one of my clients. As I have previously expressed, I have tremendous willpower and thus knew this experience would be relatively easy for me to execute but honestly I didn't think it would change my being very much! How very wrong I was! My life shifted 180 degrees unexpectedly and I extend endless gratitude to my client for her special request! I love when my clients express their desires and I love even more to deliver!

Day 1 through 3 and day 9 through 11 were all very easy for me. Normally, I enjoy chocolate, vegan mayo, salad dressings, seafood, and beyond meat products. All of which were sacrificed for this cleanse. I often eat sautéed vegetables and sweet cherries. I usually cook with vegan butter and found the shift to sesame oil lovely! My diet has always been rich in healthy fats, to best meet the needs of my body, and to leave me feeling satisfied. I had zero trouble cooking with my daily allowance. I never needed to swallow my daily oil dose straight. I don't typically choose basmati rice because I love jasmine and sticky sushi rice! Thus, basmati for 11 days was a little too much for my preference but I stayed strong and completed the challenge like a champ! Honestly, I will probably never eat basmati rice again, at least not for a very, very, very long time! Hahaha! Lastly, I mostly drink hot water making this test a breeze!

Day 4 through 8 presented many unforeseen challenges for me! I would give the kitchari a solid 5 out of 10 as a culinary review. I was anticipating a 7 or 8 and thus was surprised that my teacher would create a recipe that is such middle of the line; not terrible but also not delicious. As a former personal chef, I prefer to hangout in the delicious category. Prior to this cleanse, my days always revolved around eating meals, snacks, and consuming tasty beverages. I sat in meditation in an attempt to get into my teachers head and the following is what came to me. "Maggie we are not meant to live to eat, as you do, we are meant to eat to live. My recipe provides that experience. It's satisfying, thus you will eat when you're hungry. When you're not, you will never think about eating my kitchari as it's not delicious. You might even hope one serving will sustain you for the entire day, as again it's not tasty. If it was a 4 or below in rating, you would say fuck it; I'm not eating this and if it was a 6 or better, it would always occupy your mind. Here I present to you the sensation of eating to live, not living to eat. How are you liking your experience?" I came out of meditation filled with cosmic intelligence and deeply understand and appreciated the culinary rating of 5 out of 10!

On day 4, I found the kitchari to be bland for my tastebuds. Surprisingly on day 5, I found the kitchari to be flavorful. Day 6, I was wishing it was day 8 of this cleanse. Day 7, I was not sure how I was going to make it to the conclusion of day 8. In hindsight, I've never eaten slower in my life. In general, the best nutrition advise recommends we make each meal last for one hour in duration, chewing each bite 100 times. The closest I've come to meeting these recommends would be with kitchari! Hahaha!

I don't eat turkey or gravy but found myself fantasizing about dark Thanksgiving turkey and gravy on top of my kitchari. I think this setup would create a 10 out of 10 in a culinary experience!

I don't see myself ever eating kitchari plain again or at least not for a very, very, very long time! I've given my leftovers to my vegan family members and I've gifted my extra ingredients to my favorite yoga teachers, for them to attempt this challenge! Hehehe!

My castor oil cleanse...WOW...

The oil had a mild peanut flavor in my opinion. I followed my teachers' instructions to mix it in hot water with freshly squeezed orange juice. I didn't like the sensation of closing my nose and swallowing at the same time and thus I quickly stopped and swallowed normally. In the future, I could simply consume the oil by the spoonful with no issues and will do so at my next cleanse!

I woke 3 hours after intake with a mild sensation to use the restroom. I almost immediately remembered my teacher telling me to run at the first sign and so I did! The following process was super intense for me. I was alone and for the very first time in history, I wished I had company in the bathroom. When I got seated, nothing happened and the sensation quickly moved to a strong desire to vomit. Vomiting and spiders are my kryptonite. I didn’t think it was a good idea to change positions. Vomiting in the nearby sink seemed like a terrible idea. I already considered the drain to be a slow flow. I was too far from the bathtub, making using the restroom and vomiting in the tub, at the same time impossible. I settled on blowing chunks all over the bathroom if need be. I rested my head and folded arms on the courter top and attempted to relax away the vomiting sensation.

I suspected one bowel movement as I had never been more regular than during this cleanse. Almost every time I went number one, I also went number two! The best nutrition advise recommends one bowel movement after each meal. This would happen to me rarely but never regularly. My typical is one movement per day and on occasion two movements present and I get super excited!

My stomach had never been flatter! Prior to this cleanse, I would joke with myself at the end of each night, that I looked three months pregnant with food! What I experienced on the toilet, early that morning disgusted me. The vomiting sensation quickly faded with no results; thank goodness, for my bathroom’s sake! To my dismay, I had four plus movements and completely filled the toilet. The entire experience made me so weak, I couldn't muster up any energy to flush between movements. When I felt I was finished, I crawled off the toilet to find it almost over flowing.

If I had a bathroom companion, they could have got me a trash can for my potential vomit. They could have flushed the toilet between movements. They could have been my crutch getting me off the pot. They could have served me juice and a meal in the middle of the night to help bring my blood sugar and fluid levels back to homeostasis. Instead, I did it all alone. Crawling to the kitchen at 3:30am was hilarious, to drink honey straight from the container. Luckily it was positioned at the edge of the kitchen counter for an easy grab.

I quickly grew disturbed by the amount of literal shit we carry around with us daily. When people say we’re full of shit, it’s for real. I understand our foods need to be present for digestion and absorption of nutrients but I truly had no idea the extent of this process.

On a positive note, I was completely cleaned out and I can honestly say my shit doesn’t stink! In the future, when I include a bathroom companion, they will be pleasantly surprised with the restroom aroma!

Lets completely switch gears now! Moving from the exit point to the entry point! Prior to this cleanse, I cleaned my tongue regularly but not daily. This cleanse presented a lovely opportunity for me to change! I never missed a tongue cleanse and this reality continues to date! Hooray!

My oil and water cleanse happened daily but that was normal for me prior to this challenge! I’m madly in love with abhyanga, hot showers and baths!

Keeping my exercise to yoga, meditation, and walking was almost easy for me as these are my normal routines. On day 8 of this cleanse, I needed to do some serious yard work in preparation for an upcoming construction project. My teachers voice came into my mind, “keep it light Maggie, nothing intense or strenuous.” I ignored my inner wisdom and quickly regretted disregarding my intuition. I weed whacked my driveways and around my cabin. I unloaded wood for the winter and assembled a platform of an outdoor yoga experience in the woods. I was super productive and that felt awesome but the extreme physical activity was a mistake. It took me days to recover from the intense exercise.

My sinuses tend to be more on the dryer side so I enjoyed the neti pot cleanse once during my 11 days. Moving forward I plan on doing this experience once per month at the start of each month.

During the entire cleanse, I naturally had an immense amount of energy that was relatively surprising to me! I suspected I would be more tired with the lack of chocolate, coffee, and variety in foods and fluids.

In Summary

-I plan to remain a vegan! This was a big shocker for me! I really thought I would go right back to eating seafood on Day 12! In the yogic world, it’s said enlightenment is only possible when harm is not inflicted on anything or anyone. I still need to work on my spider phobia!

-I plan to continue cooking with sesame oil over my vegan butter.

-I think I plan to say goodbye to my vegan mayo and my salad dressings when my small stash of high quality products are finished. In my very near future, I feel a transition to simplicity, choosing infused olive oils and aged balsamic vinegars always.

-I also think I plan to say goodbye to my chocolate when my small stash runs out in the very near future too. I know I could dispose of my stashes but they are all high quality, organic, and vegan. Throwing it away feels sad to me.

-My daily tongue cleanse will continue. My mouth feels so fresh and clean, I love it!

-The daily abhyanga massage and water cleanse will continue.

-The nasal cleanse will be reduced to once monthly to create a fresh start to the new month!

-The castor oil cleanse will only happen again with a bathroom companion. I really thought I would never talk bathroom shop in detail with my Hot Hispanic. To my surprise, I willingly shared the details of this experience with him and he has already signed up as my future bathroom companion. He laughed pleasantly, noting it was only a matter of time before detailed bathroom chatter entered our conversations! I like so very much about him but the reality that I can honestly share anything is a breath of fresh air!

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Thanks for listening and to my client who requested a cleanse at The Guest Bungalow, thank you for challenging me and for changing my world! Peace, Love, & Everlasting Protection! Namaste, Maggie Fekete, E-RYT, CHC, BCHHP Nutritionist Experienced-Registered Yoga Teacher Certified Health Coach Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner *Learn more about my background and offerings!


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