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The Guest Bungalow 

An online retreat center offering yoga, meditation, & profound wellness insights to unearth grace!

Visit & stay for as long as you like! Now is the perfect time to retreat!


Desire an in-person retreat?

Contact for availability!

Mission Statement

Not enough individuals in our world pause for a retreat-like experience; for self-care; for stress reduction; for relaxation; for alone time; or to create a healthy mind space. At The Guest Bungalow, we are here to change this reality! We make it easy for individuals to work these essential yet neglected aspects of life into the flow of their days!

Vision Statement

A regular yogic routine is easily established through 24/7 access to our online retreat center, The Guest Bungalow!

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Unlimited Household Access: $31/month

Student Discount: $25/month

*7-day free trial is now available to new members! 

*Grants are available for those experiencing financial hardship.
Contact for arrangements:

If an invite code is needed use: EXRDCN

Retreat Center Video Library (469)
click desired room to enter

Complimentary Room providing Karma Yoga is available to all who enter!

Keys are given to members for access.

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