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Upgrade your experience to a RETREAT!

Updated: May 2


I'm excited to announce, the newly renovated Spa Rooms at The Blennerhassett Hotel, are now open and ready for your scheduling!

The community often visits the hotel for the exquisite dining and lounge, and to enjoy a boutique location to rest ones head at night! I challenge you to upgrade your next visit to a Retreat Experience!

*When was the last time you prioritized your self-care?

*Ensured your stress levels were adequately reduced?

*Set aside time for relaxation?

We often prioritize the needs of our family members and extended network of individuals, friends and coworkers. The truth is, we can only best care for others, when we first care for ourselves! Our community deserves to interact with a calm and composed version of ourselves but often receives the opposite, an exhausted variant.

The Spa at The Blennerhassett Hotel is here to ensure you're well taken care of from head to toe! We service the body, mind, and breath! Return home after your Retreat feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and recharged! I'm certain you and your community will notice the positive transformation from your self-care experience, and you can ensure we will be at your service when you're desiring continuity in care!

Get excited, our Retreat Services, appear endless!

  • Skin Care & Facials

  • Proudly Carrying Amy Head Cosmetics

  • Body Treatments

  • Waxing

  • Thermage Skin Tightening

  • BOTOX® Cosmetic, Fillers, and More...all injections are performed by our Spa Medical Director and facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Paul Blair. Dr. Blair is double-board certified by the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and The American Board of Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery.

  • Health Coaching by yours truly, Maggie Fekete, CHC, BCHHP. I practice as a Holistic Nutritionist, Certified Health Coach, and Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner.

  • Yoga, Guided Relaxation & Meditation - I personally provide these offerings as well. I'm your Experienced & Registered Yoga Teacher: Maggie Fekete, E-RYT 500.

  • Last, but never least, Therapeutic Massage - many Massage Therapists service our Wellness Retreat & Day Spa. Your specific provider will be based on scheduling and availability.

I would like to take a moment here to spotlight one of our fabulous Licensed Massage Therapists (LMT), Colin Boker! Presenting now, with 16-years of experience in the industry! He is dependably professional with a medical background. Colin has taken his scientific foundation and transformed it into an art form. His massages are a true masterpiece. Trained in Swedish Massage; Deep Tissue Massage; Active & Passive Stretching; I was most interested in Colin for his background in Shiatsu - a Japanese style of Bodywork with deep roots in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Not leaning on any particular style of massage, Colin offers a blended experience founded in evidence based practice. Upon consent, he infuses techniques of lymphatic drainage to purify the body. A master of the element of fire within, hot stones are never needed with Colin! On-demand, he can generate profound heat within his hands making the preparation of hot stones simply a waste of time! His massaging pressure is dynamic to satisfy the needs of the body. Almost as if he is applying the specific pressure the tissues are begging for.

As a health and wellness professional myself, I excel at prioritizing stress reduction and relaxation. I lean on The Blennerhasset Hotel & Spa as my preferred location for hosting and enjoying a Retreat Experience. I attempt at having Colin Boker, LMT, involvement as much as our schedule can align!

I'm at your service as a Retreat Specialist! Contact me today to begin planning your next Retreat at the beautiful and breathtaking Blennerhasset Hotel! The Premier Wellness Retreat & Day Spa in Downtown Parkersburg, West Virginia! Just blocks from the Ohio River and only two-hours from Columbus, Ohio! We are absolutely honored to have been voted for and labeled as the BEST West Virginia Boutique Hotel!

I pride myself in being easy to reach and very accommodating! I look forward to getting to know you better and supporting your self-care!

Peace, Love, & Everlasting Protection,

Maggie Fekete, E-RYT 500, CHC, BCHHP

(Phone or Text): 614.719.9616


*Learn more about my background and offerings, available to you at The Blennerhassett Hotel & Spa!

*Did this expression add value to your life? Please consider donating to support in buying a symbolic cup of coffee! Thank you in advance for your contribution & generosity!


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