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Self-Care | Introducing Abhyanga

In an effort to release what no longer serves you, consider the practice of abhyanga. It supports one in reducing tension, pressure, and thus pain. It serves as a practice in stress reduction and relaxation. It's self-care and self-love at it's finest!

Personally, I'm dedicated to the process of abhyanga. I'm hoping this profound wellness insight will assist you too in developing a regular commitment to this beautiful practice!

Routinely, surrounding your hot bath or steamy shower, apply warm oil to your entire body.

*If you're almost always cold, use organic un-toasted sesame oil.

*If you're almost always hot, use organic coconut oil.

*If you have excess weight and find it very difficult to shed the pounds, use organic apricot oil.


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Enjoy the following video by Banyan Botanicals on how-to initiate abhyanga:

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Endless gratitude extends to my teacher, Doctor Bailey, who deeply inspired this expression. He provided me with knowledge in Ayurvedic Medicine, Chinese Medicine, and Yoga. The information has been a blessing in my life. I hope this profound wellness insight also serves you well!


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