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The ability to know thyself, well enough, to best understand what's homeostasis and what's NOT is vital. To deeply listen to what the body has to express is an art form. Recognizing when we initially fall out of balance and the root cause of that imbalance is communication at it's finest.

In my practice, I reference an imaginary toolbox often. This toolbox is similar to an imaginary friend but it's with you always. Within an imaginary toolbox you will find self-care tools, as you might have guessed! When in need of recalibration, simply open your imaginary toolbox to determine the self-care tool that best resolves the problem at hand. It would be my recommendation that everyone initiate an imaginary toolbox today, if not done so already!

Searching through my imaginary toolbox you will find...

*yoga as an umbrella term for the multidimensional practice, which includes meditation


*hot baths

*steamy showers

*warm cups of tea

*nutritional supplements



*inspirational books

*a journal for writing

*vows of silence


*retreat, forest bathing


*last but never least, massage therapy

I'm fortunate to have been raised by a mother who deeply respected massage as a form of therapy. Honestly, it was almost her first line of defense against anything and everything!

Conversations with my mother Mia often unfolded as follows:

*Bad day - lets move that bad energy out with massage therapy!

*Terrible breakup - a massage will make you feel so much better!

*It's your birthday - I've ordered you a massage!

*Congratulations on your graduation - calling the Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) now!

*Travel & adventure - pairs best with massage!

*Case of the Mondays - a massage will turn that frown upside down!

*Rainy day - you guessed it, massage!

As a result, I've been blessed to experience many different styles of massage and therapist throughout the United States and overseas when traveling responsibly! My upbringing left an imprint of deep understanding regarding the importance of touch therapy. I truly listen to my body when it expresses the need for a massage outside of what I can provide for myself. When the touch of another will produce the needed restoration to my equilibrium, I never hesitate to phone a lifeline, a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT).

I was recently conversing with an individual who had been practicing massage for thirteen years and he unwaveringly recommended Brittany Radcliffe, LMT. I figured he would have recommended his practice first and foremost, but instead he noted Brittany to be essential in maintaining his homeostasis! When our conversation naturally came to a close, I reached out to Brittany immediately! I had to experience her offering as soon as possible! What can I say, my mother Mia's energy is very strong within me!

Brittany's private practice is currently located in Old Worthington; one of my favorite parts of Ohio! Her office is welcoming; clean; beautifully decorated, utilizing natural light and the healing powers of plants! Brittany's energy is warm and inviting! She accommodated my schedule and desire for utilizing my own organic sesame oil for a therapeutic massage! I loved Brittany's use of aromatherapy, which she mixed to my scent preference. The addition of a heated massage table and hot stones were pleasing for my body type, which is always cold!

When lying on my belly she had a lovely hammock option for my arms. This needed upgrade, to all massage tables, gave me the option to have my arms supported below my face rather than having them lie beside my body on the table.

Lastly, I loved the meditative state I was able to achieve in her space and around her energy. I departed Brittany's office feeling rejuvenated and deeply relaxed! On the enchanting brick streets of Old Worthington, I had a smile perfectly painted on my face and a warm cup of elderberry tea in hand; both gifts from Brittany!

If you follow the Insight Room at The Guest Bungalow, you're familiar with the hole that was left in my heart with the loss of my former LMT, who also went by the name of Maggie. Surprisingly and unexpectedly, Brittany filled the void that was so present in my life!

In Maggie's passing, I've had the pleasure of meeting lovely males that specialize in massage but I often find myself desiring touch therapy from a goddess, to experience the divine feminine energy!

*Do you have an imaginary toolbox just like me?

*If not, do you see the value in creating one for yourself today?

*If so, what self-care techniques will reside in your imaginary toolbox?

*Do you have a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) at hand?

*Is the touch of the feminine energy your preference? If so, I fully recommend Brittany!

Contact Kneading Care today to schedule your next Therapeutic Massage with Brittany Radcliffe, LMT

Website: kneadingcare.square.site

Phone: 614.353.0377

Email: BodyWorkByBrit@gmail.com

Address: 9 W New England Avenue, Worthington, Ohio 43085

Instagram: kneadingcare_lmt

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