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(21) Thursday, October 31st: Decisions! Decisions! Are you making good ones!? It is well known that we have a limited capacity for making excellent decisions daily. With this in mind optimizing what we do and do not have to decide on becomes essential for conserving our mental energy…

My uniform is discussed in detail! Featuring juliebowtique on Instagram! 

(20) Monday, October 28th: Coat of Armor! How I ensured optimal health for my best friends wedding! With winter right around the corner I thought you too might be interested in my invaluable recipe for wellness!...

(19) Monday, October 28th: Arepas | Venezuelan Corn Cakes! Personal Chef turned blogger! One of my favorite recipes is now yours!

*My best friend got married destination style! Giving me the wonderful opportunity to blog and record for Online Maggie in the most beautiful southeastern parts of our country! 

(18) Sunday, October 6th: Insurance! Are you protected?! Last week I unexpectedly found myself fulfilling the role of a third wheel on a first date!...

(17) Sunday, September 29th: Sex as a form of Meditation! Our sexual energy is very sacred to say the least and if expressed with great intention is considered to be a foundational pillar to life...

(16) Sunday, September 22nd: Bites of Bliss! Personal chef turned blogger! One of my favorite recipes is now yours! Need bliss?! Eat my balls!

(15) Friday, September 13th: Disconnecting to Connect! How often do you completely power down the world? With the intentions of connecting more deeply and profoundly with the one who matters most…

(14) Friday, September 6th: Crystals & Protection! Mammoth Cave, Crystals, Protection and Your Feng Shui! 

(13) Thursday, August 29th: Sweet & Spicy Burgers! Personal Chef turned blogger! My favorite burger recipe is now yours!

*Necessary travel to support content creations for blog and Online Maggie! Thank you for your understanding and support! 

(12) Tuesday, August 13th: Traveling like a Minimalist! In preparation for my departure I gathered my definition of essentials for a five day extended weekend getaway!

(11) Sunday, August 4th: Mindful Eating! We evaluate the energy that creates our food sources to ensure we make the best selections for our beings and those we choose to serve!

(10) Sunday, July 28th: Always Advertisement Free! This blog will always remain reader supported and I thank you for your kindness and generosity via Patreon!

(9) Sunday, July 28th: Charging Stations & Cosmic Connections! Places and souls that restore balance to our beings in unfathomable ways! A special dedication to Maggie Hardin! 

(8) Sunday, July 21st: Cheese Please! The Dairy Industry, Medical Community, My Past Medical History, My College Education and My Favorite Dairy Free Cheese Alternative!

(7) Sunday, July 14th: Estate Planning & Dodging Death! The unexpected and tragic death of my sister profoundly changed my outlook on life.

(6) Sunday, July 7th: I Did It...6 Years & 6 Months Later to be Exact! Goal Setting & Accomplishment! + Tax Season! 

(5) Sunday, June 30th: Get In Touch! Tell me what you want! 

(4) Sunday, June 23rd: Read Me! Each blog post can NOT be applied to every reader!

(3) Sunday, June 16th: Categories, Balance & Grace! The meaning behind my blogging categories! 

(2) Sunday, June 9th: Professionally...Who Am I? Includes blog intention! 

(1) Sunday, June 2nd: Hello & Welcome! Includes blog dedication!

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