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Decisions! Decisions! Are you making good ones!?

Updated: Jan 28

* SPOKEN WORD added 11.30.21 *

It is well known that we have a limited capacity for making excellent decisions daily. With this in mind optimizing what we do and do not have to decide on becomes essential for conserving our mental energy.

I remember this particular morning like it was yesterday. I spent over an hour in my walk-in closet at my Marysville Farmhouse attempting to dress myself for the day. Nothing I put on felt or even looked right by my standards. After what seemed like eternity I made my final decision and departed for my workday.

At some point in time I looked down at what I had put together with utter disappointment. My ensemble was in exact opposition to the way I felt on the inside of my being and I hated the contrast. I wondered why it had taken me so long to look so lousy.

Without hesitation I initiated policy within my LLC to enforce a required uniform daily! 😂 hehehe! Interestingly enough I wanted to be a nurse first and foremost so that I could wear scrubs daily but never thought to initiate a uniform myself with a change in career.

A lot of time and energy went into assembling my perfect uniform and as a result I am always satisfied with the outcomes of dressing myself. These days I appreciate how fast and easy it is to cloth my being. In addition, I enjoy the energy of each piece and how it resonates well with me on every level.

Many famous individuals also rocked a chosen uniform for similar reasons; being simplicity and conservation of mental energy. My favorite popular examples include, Johnny Cash, Steve Jobs, Joshua Fields Millburn, and Ryan Nicodemus.

For Your Viewing Pleasure!...Drum Roll Please!...Introducing My Uniform!

(1) Lets get started with the newest addition to my wardrobe! JulieBowtique literally put a bow on my uniform! Whether you need a bow for...


-another female you adore


-guy friends who prefer to dress like a girls, at least on occasion!

-holiday gifts

-or your personal brick and mortar

Look no further Julie Aldebol @JulieBowtique on Instagram will have you and those in need, accessorized in no time! Choose from her large collection or request a custom order! She aims to please and is wildly talented!

I have placed three custom orders with JulieBowtique, two for myself and one for my little niece, Freja. I could not be more pleased with my deliveries! I wear Julie's creations every day, all day, except when I am sleeping!

I enjoy wearing peacock feathers in my hair to pay respect to one of my favorites cities in our country, Winter Park, Florida. I lived in downtown for years. The city previously released peacocks into the town! I would often bump into them as I was adventuring and I loved the random encounters!

August 2018, I found myself at the City of Ten Thousand Buddhas in Ukiah, California, surrounded by peacocks. Wearing peacock feathers brings this delightful memory to the forefront of my mind, more often than not!

Last but surely not least, My Hot Hispanic, family coat of arms depicts peacock feathers!

If you have not yet noticed, I rock a peacock feather tattooed on my right wrist for these same reasons.

Downtown Winter Park, Florida

City of Ten Thousand Buddhas, Ukiah, California

(2) La Senza at Easton Town Center is my favorite location to shop for undergarments! Their creations are attractive and affordable by my standards!

(3) My long sleeved black v-neck shirt came from Talbots at The Shops at Worthington Place, truly the only indoor mall I can tolerate. I am not one of those girls who likes or even loves to shop! Actually, I consider myself allergic to the shopping experience!

___________________________________________________________________________________________Sidebar: Except for grocery shopping with My Hot Hispanic, I do love that actually!


I have seven of these exact same shirts! Black, plain and simple, just the way I like it!

(4) Should I get cold, I have one and only one favorite blue sweatshirt! Also purchased at The Shops at Worthington Place, ModeAlise to be exact! ModeAlise is probably my favorite clothing store without question! Super expensive in my opinion but this shop provides a very very unique collection to choose from! The sweatshirt was originally cream in color. I am lucky to have had a private client who is a fashion designer and she professionally dyed this clothing item for me!

(5) I am often dressed in all black to pay tribute to my last name, Fekete, which is Hungarian and a direct translation to the word black! Plus, I enjoy honoring Johnny Cash who often presented himself in all black. My pants are actually often a jumpsuit by Buddha Pants! I have two black pairs! In the fall, winter and spring I wear the jumpsuit as a pant and in the summer months I rock the cute jumpsuit for sure! Buddha Pants are most comfortable and feel like I am wearing nothing, a sensation I enjoy very much so!

When I presented with another dye job, my fashion designer decided to teach me how to fish! She was kind enough to walk me through the process of dying my own clothing! A super amazing gift I have been given in this lifetime, which dramatically increase the possibilities for my uniform!

The following pair of Buddha Pants used to be camel colored but I added a black tie-die! I also have two of this variety!

I have one more, a dark blue jean jumper! They used to be lighter in color but I dyed them too; darker, just the way I like! I am often seen wearing them weekly but this is my go-to pair for outdoor projects and adventuring as the material is more durable!

I have one pair of Flap Pants by Buddha Pants, pants that surely make me dance!

(6) When it's cold in the fall, winter, and early spring, I add a base layer of leggings by J. Crew!

(7) I wear toe socks by Gaiam! I truly like the way it feels to have my toes all separated! I also enjoy the added grip when choosing to practice yoga with socks!

(8) I love my kicks! There Vans High Top Shoes, black on black! I had planned on purchasing them this fall but ended up grabbing them early to have restaurant appropriate footwear when helping out at The Mark! Fun Fact: The moment I made my purchase, I sent a photo of my sweet new kicks to My Hot Hispanic and hilarious enough he responded with a pick of him too rocking the same kicks that day! We reside in different cities, states and parts of the country, so no I don't have his shoe collection memorized but I do love his style!

Well there you have it, my uniform head to toe! It's a masterpiece by my standards!


*Are you too familiar with the brain fog associated with making an insane amount of decisions daily?!

*Do you spend way too much time getting dressed in the morning?!

*Would you enjoy simplifying your wardrobe?!

*Could charitable organizations put your unneeded clothing items to good use?!

*Could you benefit from having less decisions daily by initiating your own masterpiece, uniform?!

*Did this expression add value to your life? Please consider donating to support in buying a symbolic cup of coffee! Thank you in advance for your contribution & generosity!

May you too feel a weight lifted from your being, by saying goodbye to what no longer serves you!

Peace, Love, & Everlasting Protection!


Maggie Fekete, E-RYT, CHC, BCHHP


Experienced-Registered Yoga Teacher

Certified Health Coach

Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner

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