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Oil & Water Cleanse | Part 4

Updated: Feb 22


To best meet your needs during your Ayurvedic and Yogic Cleanse an oil and water regimen becomes essential.

The addition of oil to your cleanse is necessary to help you meet your daily essential fat needs. This process also helps in loosening sticky fat soluble toxins present within your body and redirects them to the digestive track for elimination.

Your daily allowance of organic un-toasted sesame oil:

-Day 1: four tablespoons

-Day 2: four tablespoons

-Day 3: four tablespoons

*Use your daily allowance of oil when preparing your rice and sautéing or baking your vegetables. If you don't use your entire allowance for cooking, you must consume the remaining oil plain, before bed, and on a relatively empty stomach is ideal. 30 minutes after intake of your remaining oil, consume a 1/2 cup of warm water. If you find it difficult to consume oil plain, mix your oil with 1/2 cup of warm nut milk (rice milk would be best) and follow intake with an additional 1/2 cup of warm nut milk with honey. If you become nauseated from this experience, consume 1/2 cup of warm water with fresh lemon juice.

-Day 4: two tablespoons of organic un-toasted sesame oil needs to be added to your kitchari throughout your day. Once the toxins have been loosened by the sesame oil, next up is a castor oil cleanse to create a laxative effect to rid the body of the toxins.

*Please have a very light dinner and enjoy a 15-30 minute bath or shower (if a bath is unavailable) in your evening.

*Before bed consume 2 tablespoons of organic castor oil mixed into 1/2 cup of warm water. Cut two oranges open and squeeze one orange into your warm water and mix vigorously. Hold your nose closed and consume quickly. Immediately after, bite into the other orange for about five seconds! The laxative effect will initiate between 4-6 hours after intake. Expect to wake from your slumber, in the morning of Day 5, with a strong need to use the restroom.

-Day 5: *Be sure you have no plans in the morning as you will experience the laxative effects of your castor oil intake. You will need time and space in your calendar for this detoxification process.

*Don't eat breakfast until the majority of the laxative effects have warn off.

*Pay attention to the number of bowel movements you've had after your castor oil. Count each trip to the bathroom as one movement. If you're in the bathroom for a long period of time, count each 10 minutes as one movement.

*1-3 bowel movements is the average:

*If you feel light and strong enjoy your kitchari for breakfast!

*Your allowance for sesame oil on this day is 4 tablespoons. Add oil on top of your kitchari throughout your day and consume what remains, before bed, as previously instructed.

*If you feel weak, try warm water and juice (except grape), rest, and enjoy your kitchari for lunch.

*4+ bowel movements:

*You MUST have your kitchari for breakfast with plenty of warm water with honey.

Your daily allowance of organic un-toasted sesame oil is as follows for the remainder of your cleanse:

-Day 6: four tablespoons

-Day 7: four tablespoons

-Day 8: four tablespoons

-Day 9: four tablespoons

-Day 10: four tablespoons

-Day 11: four tablespoons

Water Cleanse...also essential!

(1) It was previously recommended, in your Ayurvedic and Yogic Cleanse to consume 3-4 plain glasses of hot water per day. It makes sense to repeat myself here!

(2) Daily, take a hot bath or steamy shower, with a 10-20 minute duration, upon waking and again before going to bed. If you work during your day, take another hot bath or streamy shower when your workday concludes. The water cleanses your energy from your sleep, from your workday, and from your entire day or evening prior to bed. If you don't work but something strange happens within your day, such as, an uncomfortable conversation or interaction, take a hot bath or steamy shower to cleanse away this encounter. The hot water is key in dilating your blood vessels to ensure toxins are removed efficiently.

(3) Once daily, surrounding your hot bath or steamy shower, apply warm oil to your entire body. *If you're almost always cold, use organic un-toasted sesame oil; if you're almost always hot, use organic coconut oil; if you have excess weight and find it very difficult to shed the pounds, use organic mustard seed oil.

Introducing Abhyanga...

*It's recommended to cleanse under the guidance of a practitioner. Please don't hesitate to reach out for additional support; Coaching Power Sessions are always available to you!

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Endless gratitude extends to my teacher who deeply inspired this expression. He gifted me knowledge in Ayurvedic Medicine, Chinese Medicine, and Yoga. The information has been a blessing in my life. I hope it also serves you well. Namaste!


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