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Updated: May 2, 2023


I strongly feel The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman should be a required read for all of humanity. This work of art details how best to love yourself and others. If I had a child, this book would be their very first gift. Placed neatly on their nightstand, this essential guide would serve as their love bible. For the child to grow up with, to digest and absorb what they can; when they can.

The 5 Love Languages according to Gary Chapman are as follows:

-acts of service

-physical touch

-quality time

-receiving gifts

-and words of affirmation, compliments

Gary offers a quiz within his publication that supports the reader in best determining their primary love language, secondary love language, and so on. You're encouraged to administer this quiz to those you care about most. Gaining this level of insight is imperative to ensure you learn to love each individual utilizing their primary language, which will bear the most fruit for your labor.

In this profound wellness expression, we're going to focus on the love language of physical touch as a form of therapy. I'm very familiar with this form of expression. My primary love language is quality time and my secondary love language, trailing by only one point is physical touch. In hindsight, I've always craved quality time to ensure quality physical touch.

It's rare to naturally find coupled individuals with the same primary love language, which would promise the smoothest waters. Opposites do tend to attract. I've surely tried to make a relationship work with an individual who appeared allergic to physical touch. This exhausting pairing left me feeling neglected and empty inside. I'm sure he felt the same. His primary love language was receiving gifts, which is the language I relate to the least. Honestly, I can't recall one gift I ever gave him. He gave me a gift everyday and as an aspiring minimalist, I only saw clutter. His inability to accommodate physical touch and my inability to receive gifts was at the root of every disagreement.

There is hope though for interestingly paired individuals!

(1) You can decide to love yourself fully and completely utilizing your primary love language. Establishing a level of independence that is exuberating! It took a great deal of time and dedication but I can honestly report there is no touch I prefer more than my own, which is a liberating reality.

(2) You can actively decide to learn the primary love language of the individuals you care about most. No different than you might dedicate yourself to learning Spanish to better converse with a hot hispanic!

(3) You can digest the reality that one person can't be your everything. You also can't possibly meet every need of another. Perhaps physical touch should rather be outsourced for the health, happiness, and preservation of a relationship.

Lets start by dissecting outsourcing and work our way back to independence. If your primary love language is physical touch and you present feeling deprived, broken, neglected, and/or empty inside, I've finally found the very best form of therapy for you, Thai Yoga Massage with Charles Gibson! In my past, I only wish I had known to contact Charles and schedule his sacred bodywork when I too felt neglected and empty.

Through Thai Massage, Charles notes meeting each individual body exactly where it is, in each moment in time. Approaching ones gentle point of resistance but not exceeding. My Thai Yoga Massage sequence might look very different from yours, as our bodies and needs might be very different too. My body frame is light and airy making lifts and inversions accessible. I'm dedicated to the art and science of yoga, practicing several hours daily, thus my flexibility is different from the average. My point of resistance is simply different.

During my session with Charles, I felt like butter, simply melting into anything and everything that I touched and that touched me: the blankets, pillows, exercise mats, yoga mats, the ground, and of course Charles. He took over my body, performing a yoga sequence on my behalf and massaging my being all throughout. As an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher myself, I'm used to doing all the work and it was nice, very nice, to simply take a break and completely relax.

Insider tip, never loose connection with your breath; inhale this offering of love; exhale what no longer serves you. Let your breath be even, unbroken, and continuous.

A taste of Thai Yoga Massage with Charles Gibson for your viewing pleasure: add video!

It's a blessing that love languages can be taught, learned, and perfected! Charles hosts couples Thai Yoga Massage workshops yearly where he teaches individuals how best to meet the physical touch needs of another. I'm going to guess that this offering is the most profound form of couples therapy for the art and science of physical touch. I can't wait to attend an upcoming couples workshop! Follow Charles on Instagram to ensure you're in the know when he opens registration for his next Thai Yoga Massage workshop!

Regarding independence, you surely have to be dedicated, persistent, and an introvert preferring solitude as I do. These are common characteristics of an individual diving deep into the eightfold path that is yoga. Turning inward rather than outward for the answers and solutions. Even though this is my inherent nature, I see the value in scheduling a self-care appointment with a professional, to ease my tension, relax my body, and meet my physical touch needs for a given day.

*Have you read The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman? An essential read for all of humanity, by my standards!

*Do you feel you have room for improvement regarding the way in which you love yourself? and others?

*Do you know or suspect your primary love language to be physical touch?

*Do you feel deprived, broken, neglected, and/or empty inside from a lack of quality physical touch?

*Have you tried Thai Yoga Massage with Charles Gibson? If not, what are you waiting for? Life is too short to hesitate and way to short to feel deprived, broken, neglected, and/or empty inside. Contact Charles Gibson today via Instagram to inquire about scheduling your next dose of professional touch therapy through Thai Massage!

*Did this expression add value to your life? Please consider donating to support in buying a symbolic cup of coffee! Thank you in advance for your contribution & generosity!

Gary Chapman discusses the concept of a love bucket in his life altering text. May your love bucket be overflowing through the gift of Thai Massage and the sacred love that Charles Gibson has to share with the world!

Peace, Love, & Everlasting Protection! Namaste, Maggie Fekete, E-RYT 500, CHC, BCHHP Nutritionist Experienced-Registered Yoga Teacher Certified Health Coach Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner *Learn more about my background and offerings!



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